University of Mumbai BMS Notes

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1st Semester

Introduction to Financial Accounts (Updated)
Business Law (Updated) VIEW
Business Statistics (Updated) VIEW
Business Communication I (Updated) VIEW
Foundation of Human Skills (Updated) VIEW
Business Economics I (Updated) VIEW

2nd Semester

Principles of Marketing (Updated) VIEW
Industrial Law (Updated) VIEW
Business Mathematics (No Update)
Business Communication II (Updated) VIEW
Business Environment (Updated) VIEW
Principles of Management (Updated) VIEW

3rd Semester

Group A: Finance  
Basics of Financial Services (Updated) VIEW
Introduction to Cost Accounting (Updated) VIEW
Equity & Debt Market (Updated) VIEW
Corporate Finance (Updated) VIEW
Group B: Marketing  
Consumer Behaviour (Updated) VIEW
Product Innovations Management (Updated) VIEW
Advertising (Updated) VIEW
Social Marketing (Updated) VIEW
Group C: Human Resource  
Recruitment & Selection (Updated) VIEW
Motivation and Leadership (Updated) VIEW
Employees Relations & Welfare (Updated)
Organisation Behaviour & HRM (Updated) VIEW
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)  
Information Technology in Business Management I (Updated) VIEW
Core Courses (CC)  
Business Planning & Entrepreneurial Management (Updated) VIEW
Accounting for Managerial Decisions (Updated) VIEW
Strategic Management (Updated) VIEW

4th Semester

Group A: Finance  
Financial Institutions & Markets (Updated)
Auditing (Updated) VIEW
Strategic Cost Management (Updated) VIEW
Corporate Restructuring (Updated) VIEW
Group B: Marketing  
Integrated Marketing Communication (Updated)
Rural Marketing (Updated) VIEW
Event Marketing VIEW
Tourism Marketing VIEW
Group C: Human Resource  
Human Resource Planning & Information System (Updated)
Training & Development in HRM (Updated) VIEW
Change Management (Updated) VIEW
Conflict & Negotiation (Updated) VIEW
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)  
Information Technology in Business Management II (Updated) VIEW
Core Courses (CC)  
Business Economics II (Updated)
Business Research Methods (Updated) VIEW
Production & Total Quality Management (Updated)

5th Semester

Group A: Finance  
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management (Updated) VIEW
Commodity & Derivatives Market (Updated)
Wealth Management (Updated) VIEW
Financial Accounting (Updated) VIEW
Risk Management (Updated) VIEW
Direct Taxes (Updated)
Group B: Marketing  
Services Marketing (Updated) VIEW
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing (Updated) VIEW
Sales & Distribution Management (Updated) VIEW
Customer Relationship Management (Updated) VIEW
Industrial Marketing VIEW
Strategic Marketing Management (Updated) VIEW
Group C: Human Resource  
Finance for HR Professionals & Compensation Management (Updated) VIEW
Strategic Human Resource Management & HR Policies (Updated) VIEW
Performance Management & Career Planning (Updated) VIEW
Industrial Relations (Updated) VIEW
Talent & Competency Management (Updated) VIEW
Stress Management (Updated) VIEW
Core Course (CC)  
Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Updated) VIEW
Ability Enhancement Course (AEC)  
Corporate Communication & Public Relations (Updated) VIEW

6th Semester

Group A: Finance  
International Finance (Updated) VIEW
Innovative Financial Services (Updated) VIEW
Project Management (Updated) VIEW
Strategic Financial Management (Updated) VIEW
Financing Rural Development VIEW
Indirect Taxes (Updated) VIEW
Group B: Marketing  
Brand Management (Updated) VIEW
Retail Management (Updated) VIEW
International Marketing (Updated) VIEW
Media Planning & Management (Updated) VIEW
Sports Marketing VIEW
Marketing of Non-Profit Organisation VIEW
Group C: Human Resource  
HRM in Global Perspective (Updated) VIEW
Organisational Development (Updated) VIEW
HRM in Service Sector Management VIEW
Workforce Diversity (Updated) VIEW
Human Resource Accounting & Audit (Updated) VIEW
Indian Ethos in Management (Updated) VIEW
Core Course (CC)  
Operation Research (Updated) VIEW