Indian Ethos in Management University of Mumbai BMS 6th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Indian Ethos: An Overview {Book}
a) Indian Ethos
Meaning, Features, Need, Relevance, History, Principles practiced by Indian Companies VIEW
Requisites, Elements, Role of Indian Ethos in Managerial Practices VIEW
b) Management Lessons from Scriptures:
**Management Lessons from Bhagavad Gita VIEW
**Management Lessons from Quran Ramayana VIEW
Management Lessons from Vedas VIEW
Management Lessons from Mahabharata VIEW
Management Lessons from Bible VIEW
Management Lessons from Quran VIEW
Management Lessons from Kautilya’s Arthashastra VIEW
Indian Heritage in Business, Management, Production and Consumption VIEW
Ethics v/s Ethos VIEW
Indian Management v/s Western Management VIEW


Unit 2 Work Ethos and Values {Book}
a) Work Ethos: Meaning, Levels, Dimensions, Steps VIEW
Factors Responsible for Poor Work Ethos VIEW
b) Values:
Meaning, Features, Values for Indian Managers VIEW
Relevance of Value Based Management in Global Change VIEW
Impact of Values on Stakeholders: Employees, Customers, Government, Competitors and Society VIEW
Values for Managers VIEW
Trans-Cultural Human Values in Management and Management Education VIEW
Secular v/s Spiritual Values in Management VIEW
Importance of Value System in Work Culture VIEW


Unit 3 Stress Management {Book}
a) Stress Management Meaning VIEW
Types of Stress at Work VIEW VIEW
Causes of Stress VIEW VIEW
Consequences of Stress VIEW
b) Stress Management Techniques: VIEW
Meditation Meaning, Techniques, Advantages VIEW
Mental Health and its Importance in Management VIEW
Brain Storming, Brain Stilling VIEW
Yoga Meaning, Significance VIEW VIEW
c) Leadership Meaning VIEW
Contemporary Approaches to Leadership VIEW VIEW
Joint Hindu Family Business VIEW
Leadership Qualities of Karta VIEW
d) Motivation Meaning, Techniques VIEW VIEW
Indian Approach to Motivation VIEW


Unit 4 Indian Systems of Learning {Book}
a) Learning Meaning, Mechanisms VIEW VIEW
Gurukul System of Learning: Meaning, Features, Advantages, Disadvantages VIEW
Modern System of Learning Meanings, Features, Advantages, Disadvantages VIEW
Karma Meaning, Importance of Karma to Managers, Nishkama Karma VIEW
Laws of Karma The Great Law, Law of Creation, Law of Humility, Law of Growth, Law of Responsibility, Law of Connection VIEW
Corporate Karma Meaning, Methodology, Guidelines for good Corporate Karma VIEW
Self-Management Personal growth and Lessons from Ancient Indian Education System VIEW
Personality Development Meaning, Determinants VIEW
Indian Ethos and Personality Development VIEW