Business Economics II University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Macroeconomics Data and Theory {Book}
Macroeconomics Meaning, Scope and Importance VIEW
Circular flow of aggregate income and expenditure VIEW
Closed and open economy Models VIEW
The Measurement of National product: Meaning and Importance VIEW
Conventional and Green GNP VIEW
NNP Concept VIEW
Relationship between National income and Economic Welfare VIEW
Short run economic fluctuations VIEW
Features and Phases of Trade cycle VIEW VIEW
The Keynesian principal of Effective Demand: VIEW
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply VIEW
Consumption function, Investment function VIEW
Effects of investment Multiplier on change in income and output VIEW


Unit 2 Money, Inflation and Monetary Policy {Book}
Money Supply: Determinants of Money Supply VIEW
Factors influencing Velocity of Circulation of Money VIEW
Demand for Money VIEW
Classical and Keynesian approaches of Demand for Money VIEW
Keynesian liquidity preference theory of interest VIEW
Money and Prices VIEW
Quantity Theory of Money VIEW
Fisher equation of exchange VIEW
Cambridge cash balance approach VIEW
Inflation VIEW
Demand Pull inflation VIEW
Cost push inflation VIEW
Effects of inflation, Nature of inflation in Developing countries VIEW
Monetary Policy: Meaning, Objectives and instruments VIEW
Inflation Targeting VIEW


Unit 3 Constitutes of Business Policy {Book}
Role of a Government to provide Public goods VIEW
Principles of Sound and Functional finance VIEW
Fiscal policy: Meaning, objectives VIEW
Contra cyclical Fiscal policy VIEW
Discretionary Fiscal Policy VIEW
Instruments of Fiscal Policy: VIEW
Canons of Taxation VIEW
Factors influencing incidence of Taxation VIEW
Effects of taxation Significance of Public expenditure VIEW
Social security contributions- Low-income Support and Social Income Policy VIEW
Public Debt: Types VIEW
Fiscal Solvency VIEW
Burden of Debt finance VIEW
Union Budget: Structure, Deficit VIEW
Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act VIEW


Unit 4 Open economy: Theory and Issues of International Trade {Book}
The Basis of International Trade VIEW
Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative cost advantage, Gains from Trade VIEW
The Heckshers-ohlin theory of factor endowments VIEW
Terms of Trade, Meaning and Types VIEW
Factors determine terms of trade VIEW
Free Trade vs Protected Trade VIEW VIEW
Foreign Investment VIEW
Foreign portfolio investment, Benefits VIEW
Foreign Direct Investment, Merits VIEW
Role of Multinational corporations VIEW
Balance of Payments: Structure VIEW
Types of Disequilibrium VIEW
Measures to correct disequilibrium in BPO VIEW
Foreign Exchange and foreign exchange Market VIEW
Spot and Forward rate of exchange VIEW
Hedging VIEW
Speculation and Arbitrage VIEW VIEW
Fixed and Flexible exchange rate VIEW
Managed flexibility VIEW