Production & Total Quality Management University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Production Management {Book}
Production Management Objectives, Components VIEW
Manufacturing Systems: Intermittent and Continuous Production Systems VIEW
Production Development VIEW
Classification and Product Design VIEW
Plant Location VIEW VIEW
Plant Layout Objectives VIEW
Principles of good product layout VIEW
Types of Plant Layout VIEW VIEW
Importance of Purchase Management VIEW


Unit 2 Materials Management {Book}
Materials Management concept, Objectives and importance of VIEW
Various types of Material Handling Systems VIEW VIEW
Inventory Management VIEW VIEW
Inventory Management importance VIEW VIEW
Inventory control Technique: VIEW
ABC analysis VIEW
VED, FSN, SDE analysis VIEW
EOQ: Assumptions, Limitations and Advantages VIEW
Lead Time, Reorder Level, Safety Stock VIEW


Unit 3 Basis of Productivity and TQM {Book}
Concepts of Productivity, Modes of calculating productivity VIEW
Importance of Quality Management, Factors affecting Quality VIEW
TQM concept and importance VIEW
Cost of Quality VIEW
Philosophies and Approaches to Quality:
Edward Deming Quality Philosophies VIEW
J Juran Quality Philosophies VIEW
Kaizen VIEW
P Crosby’s Quality Philosophies VIEW
Product & Service Quality Dimensions SERVQUAL VIEW
Characteristics of Quality, Quality Assurance VIEW
Quality Circle: Objectives of Quality Circle VIEW
Ishikawa Fish Bone, Applications in Organizations VIEW
Simple Numerical on Productivity VIEW


Unit 4 Quality Improvement Strategies & Certifications {Book}
Lean Thinking VIEW
Kepner Tregor Methodology of Problem Solving VIEW
Sigma features, Enablers, Goals, DMAIC/DMADV VIEW
TAGUCHI’s Quality Engineering VIEW
ISO 9000, QS 9000 VIEW
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) VIEW
Deming’s Application Prize VIEW