Organisation Behaviour & HRM University of Mumbai BMS 3rd Sem Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}  
Organizational Behaviour VIEW
Organizational Behaviour Theories VIEW
Evolution of Organization Behavior VIEW
Importance of Organizational Behaviour VIEW
Cross Cultural Dynamics VIEW
Creating Ethical Organizational Culture and Climate VIEW
Individual and Group Behaviour VIEW
Organizational behavior (OB) Models VIEW
Collegial & SOBC in Context with Indian OB VIEW
Human Relations and Organizational Behavior VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}  
Managing Communication VIEW
Conflict Management VIEW
Stress and Conflict management VIEW
Conflict management Techniques VIEW
Time Management Strategies VIEW
Learning Organization VIEW
Organizational Design VIEW
Rewards and Punishment VIEW
Employee Termination and Layoffs VIEW
Employee Attrition and Retrenchment VIEW
Employee Separations VIEW
Employee Transfer VIEW
Employee Downsizing VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}  
Human resource management (HRM) Meaning and Objectives VIEW
Scopes of Human Resource Management (HRM) VIEW
Function of Human Resource Management (HRM) VIEW
Human Resource Planning (HRP) Definition, Objectives and Importance VIEW
Factors Affecting Human Resource Planning (HRP) VIEW
Process of Human resource planning (HRP) VIEW
Strategies of HRM VIEW
Global HR Strategies VIEW
Human Resource Development (HRD) Meaning, Concept and Objectives VIEW
Functions of Human Resource Development (HRD) VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}  
Performance Appraisal Concept and Process VIEW
Methods of Performance Appraisal VIEW
Problems of Performance Appraisal VIEW
Compensation VIEW
Components of Pay Structure VIEW
Wage and Salary Administration VIEW
Incentives and Employee Benefits VIEW
Career Planning VIEW
Career Stages and Career Planning VIEW