Training & Development in HRM University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Overview of Training {Book}

Overview of Training: Concept, Scope, Importance, Objectives, features VIEW
Need Assessment of Training, Methods & Process of Need Assessment VIEW
Process of Training VIEW
Steps in Training VIEW
Identification of Job Competencies VIEW
Criteria for identifying Training Needs: Personal Analysis, Task Analysis, Organizational Analysis VIEW
Types of Training: on-the-Job & off the Job VIEW
Assessment of Training Needs VIEW
Criteria & Designing, Implementation, An effective training program VIEW


Unit 2 Overview of Development {Book}
Overview of Development: Concept, Scope, Importance, Need, Features VIEW
Human Performance improvement VIEW
Counselling Technique with reference to development employees, Society and Organization VIEW
Career Development: Career Development Cycle VIEW
Model for planned Self-Development VIEW
Succession Planning VIEW


Unit 3 Concept of Management Development {Book}
Concept of Management Development Programme VIEW
Process of Management Development Programme VIEW
Programs & Methods of MDP VIEW
Importance, evaluation of MDP VIEW


Unit 4 Performance Management, Talent Management & Knowledge Management {Book}
Performance Management: Appraisals, Pitfalls, ethics of appraisal VIEW
Talent Management: Introduction VIEW
Measuring Talent Management VIEW
Integration & future of Talent Management VIEW
Global Talent Management VIEW
Knowledge Management: Definition, Introduction, History VIEW
Antecedents of KM information Management to Knowledge Management VIEW
What is and What is not Knowledge Management VIEW
Stages of Knowledge Management VIEW
Knowledge Management life cycle VIEW