Strategic Human Resource Management & HR Policies University of Mumbai BMS 5th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 SHRM: An Overview {Book}
Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM): Meaning, Features VIEW
SHRM Evolution VIEW
SHRM Objectives, Advantages VIEW
Barriers to SHRM VIEW
SHRM v/s Traditional HRM VIEW
Steps in SHRM VIEW
Roles in SHRM: Top Management, Front-line Management, HR VIEW
Changing Role of HR Professionals VIEW
Models of SHRM:
High Performance Working Model: VIEW
High Commitment Management Model VIEW
High Involvement Management Model VIEW
HR Environment: Environmental trends and HR Challenges VIEW
Linking SHRM and Business Performance VIEW


Unit 2 HR Strategies {Book}
Developing HR Strategies to Support Organisational Strategies VIEW
Resourcing Strategy Meaning and Objectives VIEW
Strategic HR Planning Meaning, Advantages VIEW
Interaction between Strategic Planning and HRP VIEW
Managing HR Surplus and Shortages VIEW
Strategic Recruitment and Selection Meaning and Need VIEW
Strategic Human Resource Development Meaning, Advantages and Process VIEW
Strategic Compensation as a Competitive Advantage VIEW
Rewards Strategies Meaning, Importance VIEW
Employee Relations Strategy VIEW
Retention Strategies VIEW
Strategies for Enhancing Employee Work Performance VIEW


Unit 3 HR Policies {Book}
Human Resource Policies Meaning, Features VIEW
Purpose of HR Policies VIEW
Process of Developing HR Policies VIEW
Factors affecting HR Policies VIEW
Areas of HR Policies in Organisation VIEW
Requisites of a Sound HR policies: Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, Compensation, Promotion, Outsourcing, Retrenchment VIEW
Barriers to Effective Implementation of HR Policies and Ways to Overcome These Barriers VIEW
Need for Reviewing and Updating HR Policies VIEW
Importance of Strategic HR Policies to Maintain Workplace Harmony VIEW


Unit 4 Recent Trends in SHRM {Book}
Mentoring VIEW
Employee Engagement Meaning VIEW
Factors Influencing Employee Engagement VIEW
Strategies for Enhancing Employee Engagement VIEW
Contemporary Approaches to HR Evaluation VIEW
Balance Score Card VIEW
HR Score Card VIEW
Benchmarking VIEW
Business Excellence Model VIEW
Competency based HRM Meaning, Types of Competencies VIEW
Benefits of Competencies for Effective Execution of HRM Functions VIEW
Human Capital Management Meaning and Role VIEW
New Approaches to Recruitment VIEW
Employer Branding VIEW
Special Event Recruiting VIEW
Contest Recruitment VIEW
e-Recruitment VIEW
Strategic International Human Resource Management Meaning and Features VIEW
International SHRM Strategic Issues VIEW
Approaches to Strategic International HRM VIEW