Finance for HR Professionals & Compensation Management University of Mumbai BMS 5th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Compensation Plans and HR Professionals {Book}

Meaning, Objectives of Compensation Plans VIEW
Role of HR Professionals in Compensation Plans VIEW
Types of Compensation: Financial and non-financial VIEW
Factors Influencing Compensation VIEW
Compensation Tools: Job based and Skill based VIEW
Compensation Models: Distributive Justice Model, Labour Market Model VIEW
Dimensions of Compensation VIEW
3 Ps Compensation Concept VIEW
Benefits of Compensation: Personal, Health and Safety, Welfare, Social Security VIEW
Pay Structure: Meaning, Features, Factors VIEW
Designing the Compensation System VIEW
Compensation Scenario in India VIEW
Unit 2 Incentives and Wages {Book}
Incentive Plans Meaning and Types VIEW VIEW
Piecework (Labour) Incentives VIEW
Team Incentives VIEW
Incentives for Executives and Managers VIEW
Incentives for Salespeople VIEW
Merit pay, Scanlon Pay, Profit Sharing Plan, ESOP, Gain Sharing VIEW
Earning at Risk plan VIEW
Technology and Incentives VIEW
Prerequisites of an Effective Incentive System VIEW
Wage Differentials Concepts VIEW
Factors contributing to Wage Differentials VIEW
Types of Wage Differentials VIEW
Importance of Wage Differentials VIEW
Elements of a Good Wage Plan VIEW
Theories of Wages:
Subsistence Theory VIEW
Wage Fund Theory VIEW
Marginal Productivity Theory VIEW
Residual Claimant Theory VIEW
Bargaining Theory VIEW
Unit 3 {Book}
Compensation for Special Groups: Team Based pay VIEW
Remunerating Professionals VIEW
Contract Employees VIEW
Corporate Directors, CEOs, Expatriates and Executives VIEW VIEW
Human Resource Accounting Meaning, Features, Objectives and Methods VIEW
Recent Trends:
Golden Parachutes VIEW
e-Compensation VIEW
Salary Progression Curve VIEW
Competency and Skill based VIEW
Broad banding and New Pay VIEW
Cafeteria approach Features, Advantages and Disadvantages VIEW
Unit 4 Legal Framework of Compensation in India: {Book}
Wage Policy in India VIEW
Payment of Bonus Act 1965 VIEW
Equal Remuneration Act 1976 VIEW
Payment of Wages Act 1936 VIEW
Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 VIEW
Employee Compensation Act 1923 VIEW
Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provision Act 1952 VIEW
Pay Commissions VIEW
Wage Boards Adjudication, Legal considerations, COBRA requirement VIEW
Pay Restructuring in Mergers and Acquisitions VIEW
Current Issues and Challenges in Compensation Management VIEW
Ethics in Compensation Management VIEW