Customer Relationship Management University of Mumbai BMS 5th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Customer Relationship Management {Book}  
Concept, Evolution of Customer Relationship VIEW
Customers as strangers, acquaintances, friends and partners VIEW
Objectives, Benefits of CRM to Customers and Organizations VIEW
Customer Profitability Segments VIEW
Components of CRM: Information, Process, Technology and People VIEW
Barriers to CRM VIEW
Relationship Marketing and CRM: Relationship Development Strategies: VIEW
Organizational Pervasive Approach VIEW
Managing Customer Emotions VIEW
Brand Building through Relationship Marketing VIEW
Service Level Agreements VIEW
Relationship Challenges VIEW


Unit 2 CRM Marketing Initiatives, Customer Service and Data Management {Book}  
CRM Marketing Initiatives:  
Cross-Selling and Up-Selling VIEW
Customer Retention VIEW
Behaviour Prediction VIEW
Customer Profitability and Value Modeling VIEW
Channel Optimization VIEW
Personalization and Event-Based Marketing VIEW
CRM and Customer Service:  
CRM in Call Center and Customer Care VIEW
Call Routing, Contact Center Sales-Support VIEW
Web Based Self Service VIEW
Customer Satisfaction Measurement VIEW
Call-Scripting VIEW
Cyber Agents and Workforce Management VIEW
CRM and Data Management:  
Types of Data: Reference Data, Transactional Data, Warehouse Data and Business View Data VIEW
Identifying Data Quality Issues VIEW
Planning and Getting Information Quality VIEW
Using Tools to Manage Data VIEW
Types of Data Analysis:  
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) VIEW
Clickstream Analysis VIEW
Personalisation and Collaborative Filtering VIEW
Data Reporting VIEW


Unit 3 CRM Strategy, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation {Book}
Understanding Customers: Customer Value VIEW
Customer Care VIEW
Company Profit Chain: Satisfaction, Loyalty, Retention and Profits VIEW
Objectives of CRM Strategy VIEW
The CRM Strategy Cycle: Acquisition, Retention and Win Back VIEW
Complexities of CRM Strategy VIEW
Planning and Implementation of CRM:
Business to Business CRM VIEW
Sales and CRM VIEW
Sales Force Automation VIEW
Sales Process/ Activity Management VIEW
Sales Territory Management VIEW
Contact Management VIEW
Lead Management VIEW
Configuration Support VIEW
Knowledge Management VIEW
CRM Implementation Steps: Business Planning, Architecture and Design, Technology Selection, Development, Delivery and Measurement VIEW
CRM Evaluation: Basic Measures: Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty VIEW
Company 3E Measures: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Employee Change VIEW


Unit 4 CRM New Horizons {Book}
e-CRM concept VIEW
Different levels of e-CRM VIEW
Privacy in e-CRM VIEW
Software app for Customer Service: VIEW
Activity Management, Agent Management, Case Assignment, Contract Management, Customer self Service, Email Response Management, Escalation, Inbound Communication Management, Invoicing, Outbound Communication Management, Queuing and Routing, Scheduling VIEW
Social Networking and CRM VIEW
CRM Trends, Challenges and Opportunities VIEW
Ethical issues in CRM VIEW