Employees Relations & Welfare University of Mumbai BMS 3rd Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Overview of Employee Relations and Collective Bargaining {Book}  
Employee Relations Meaning, Scope VIEW
Elements of employee Relations VIEW
Role of HR in employee Relations VIEW
Employee Relations Policies: Meaning & Scope VIEW
Collective Bargaining: Meaning, Characteristics VIEW
Collective Bargaining Need and importance VIEW
Classification of Collective Bargaining VIEW
Principles of Collective Bargaining VIEW
Process of Collective Bargaining VIEW
Failure of Collective Bargaining VIEW
Conditions for Successful Collective Bargaining VIEW
Collective Bargaining Strategies:  
Parallel or Pattern Bargaining VIEW
Multi-employer or Coalition Bargaining, Multi-unit or Co-ordinated Bargaining VIEW
Single-unit Bargaining VIEW
Current Trends in Collective Bargaining VIEW


Unit 2 Overview of Employee Welfare {Book}  
Meaning, need for Employee Welfare VIEW
Principle of employee/ Labour Welfare VIEW
Scope for employee/Labour welfare in India VIEW
Types of Welfare Services: Individual and Group VIEW
Historical Development of Employee / Labour Welfare in India:  
Pre- and Post-Independence Employee / Labour Welfare in India VIEW
Employee/Labour welfare Practices in India VIEW
Approaches to Employee / Labour Welfare:  
Paternalistic Approach VIEW
Atomistic Approach VIEW
Mechanistic Approach VIEW
Humanistic Approach VIEW
Administration of Welfare Facilities: Welfare Policy, Organization of Welfare VIEW
Assessment of employee welfare effectiveness VIEW


Unit 3 Welfare and Work Environment Management {Book}  
Agencies for Labour Welfare: Central Government, State Government, Employers, Trade Union VIEW
Women Welfare: Meaning, need for women Welfare, Provision of Factories Act as applicable for women welfare VIEW
Work Environment Management: Meaning, need for healthy work environment, Measures for providing healthy work VIEW
Fatigue at Work: Meaning, Causes and Symptoms of Fatigue VIEW
Boredom at Workplace: Meaning VIEW
Hazards at Workplace, Types VIEW
Hazard Management: Meaning and Process VIEW
Hazard Audit Process VIEW
Accident and Safety issues at Workplace: Safety, Safety Culture VIEW


Unit 4 Workers Participation and Employee Grievance {Book}  
Workers Participation in Management: Concept, Pre-requisites VIEW
Forms and Level of Workers Participation VIEW
Benefits of Workers Participation in Management VIEW
Importance of employee stock option plans as a method of Participation VIEW
Employee Grievance: Meaning, Features, Causes VIEW
Effects of Employee Grievance VIEW
Employee Grievance Handling Procedure VIEW
Effective ways of Handling Grievance VIEW
Role of industrial Relations Manager in Promoting VIEW
Establishing Peaceful Employee Relations VIEW