Motivation and Leadership University of Mumbai BMS 3rd Sem Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}
Motivation Concept and Importance VIEW
Tools of Motivation VIEW
Theory Z of Motivation VIEW
Maslow VIEW
Herzberg VIEW
McGregor VIEW
Equity Theory of Motivation VIEW
Process Theories VIEW
Vroom’s Expectancy Theory of Motivation VIEW
Valency Four Drive Model VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}
East Vs West VIEW
Motivating Workers in Context to Indian Worker VIEW
Work Life Balance VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}
Leadership VIEW
Leadership function VIEW
Leadership Theory VIEW
Traits and Motives of Effective Leader VIEW
Styles of Leadership VIEW
Trait Theory VIEW
Behavioural Theory VIEW
Path Goal Theory VIEW
Transactional Vs Transformational Leaders VIEW
Strategic Leaders: Meaning and Qualities VIEW
Charismatic Leaders Meaning and Qualities VIEW
Types of Charismatic Leaders VIEW


Unit 4 Great Leader and Their Style {Book}
Activities and Skills of Ratan Tata VIEW
Activities and Skills of Narayan Murthy VIEW
Activities and Skills of Dhirubhai Ambani VIEW
Activities and Skills of Bill Gates VIEW
Activities and Skills of Mark Zuckerberg VIEW
Activities and Skills of Donald Trump VIEW
Characteristics of Creative Leader VIEW
Organization Methods to Enhance Creativity (Andrew Dubrein) VIEW
Contemporary Issues in Leadership VIEW
Leadership Teams and Roles VIEW
Mentoring and Self Leadership VIEW
Online Leadership VIEW
Finding and Creating Effective Leader VIEW