Basics of Financial Services University of Mumbai BMS 3rd Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Financial System {Book}  
An overview of financial system VIEW
Financial Markets VIEW
Structure of financial market (Organized and Unorganized Market) VIEW
Components of financial system VIEW
Major financial intermediaries VIEW
Financial products VIEW
Function of financial system VIEW
SEBI Role and importance as regulators VIEW
RBI Role and importance as regulators VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}  
Commercial banks functions VIEW
Investment policy of Commercial Banks VIEW
Liquidity in Banks VIEW
Asset Structure of Commercial Banks VIEW
Non-Performing Assets VIEW
Interest rate reforms VIEW
Capital adequacy Norms VIEW
RBI: Organization & Management VIEW
RBI: Role & function VIEW
Development Banks: Characteristics, Functions VIEW
Need and emergence of Development financial institutions in India VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}  
Basic, Characteristics of insurance VIEW
Insurance company insurance VIEW
Principles of insurance, Reinsurance VIEW
Purpose and need of insurance VIEW
Different kinds of Life insurance Products VIEW
Fire, Marine insurance and Bancassurance VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}  
Concepts of Mutual fund VIEW
Growth of Mutual funds in India VIEW
Features and importance of Mutual fund VIEW
Mutual fund Schemes VIEW
Money market Mutual Funds VIEW
Private sector Mutual Funds VIEW
Evaluation of the Performance of Mutual funds VIEW
Functioning of Mutual funds in India VIEW