Corporate Restructuring University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Corporate Restructuring: Introduction and Concepts {Book}

Corporate Restructuring, Historical Background, Meaning of Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Restructuring as a Business Strategy VIEW
Need and Scope of Corporate Restructuring VIEW
Planning, Formulation and Execution of Various Restructuring Strategies VIEW
Important Aspects to be considered while Planning or Implementing Corporate Restructuring Strategies VIEW
Forms of Restructuring:
Demerger, Reverse merger VIEW
Disinvestment VIEW
Merger Takeover/acquisition VIEW VIEW
Joint Venture (JV) VIEW VIEW
Strategic Alliance VIEW
Franchising and Slump sale VIEW
Unit 2 Accounting of Internal Reconstruction (Practical and theory) {Book}
Accounting of Internal Reconstruction VIEW VIEW
Need for Reconstruction and Company Law provisions VIEW
Distinction between Internal and External Reconstructions VIEW
Methods including alteration of Share capital, Variation of share-holder rights, Sub division, Consolidation, Surrender and reissue/Cancellation, Reduction of Share Capital, with relevant Legal provisions and Accounting treatments for same VIEW
Unit 3 Accounting of External Reconstruction (Amalgamation/ Mergers/ Takeovers and Absorption) (Practical and theory) {Book}
Accounting of External Reconstruction (Amalgamation/ Mergers/ Takeovers and Absorption) VIEW
In the nature of merger and purchase with corresponding accounting treatments of pooling of interests and purchase methods respectively VIEW
Computation and meaning of Purchase consideration and Problems based on Purchase method VIEW VIEW
Unit 4 Impact of Reorganization on the Company: An Introduction (Only Theory) {Book}
Change in the Internal Aspects on Reorganization: Change of Name and Logo, Revised Organization Chart, Communication, Employee Compensation, Benefits and Welfare Activities, Aligning Company Policies, Aligning Accounting and Internal Database Management Systems, Re-Visiting Internal Processes and Re-Allocation of People VIEW
Change in External Aspects on Reorganization: Engagement with Statutory Authorities, Revised ISO Certification and Similar Other Certifications, Revisiting past Government approvals, decisions and other contracts VIEW
Impact of Reorganization: Gain or Loss to Stakeholders, Implementation of Objectives, Integration of Businesses and Operations, Post Merger Success and Valuation and Impact on Human and Cultural Aspects VIEW