Risk Management University of Mumbai BMS 5th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction, Risk Measurement and Control {Book}

Introduction, Risk Measurement and Control VIEW
Definition, Risk Process VIEW
Risk Organization VIEW
Key Risks: Interest, Market, Credit, Currency, Liquidity, Legal, Operational VIEW
Risk Management V/s Risk Measurement: VIEW
Managing Risk, Diversification VIEW
Investment Strategies VIEW
Introduction to Quantitative Risk Measurement and its Limitations VIEW
Principals of Risk: Alpha, Beta, R squared, Standard Deviation VIEW
Risk Exposure Analysis VIEW
Risk Immunization VIEW
Risk and Summary Measures: Simulation Method VIEW
Duration Analysis of Risk VIEW
Linear and other Statistical Techniques for Internal Control VIEW


Unit 2 Risk Avoidance and ERM {Book}
a) Risk Hedging Instruments and Mechanism:
Forwards, Futures, Options, Swaps VIEW VIEW
Arbitrage Techniques VIEW
Risk Return Trade off VIEW
Risk Return Model VIEW
Arbitrage Theory VIEW
System Audit Significance in Risk Mitigation VIEW
b) Enterprise Risk Management:
Risk Management V/s Enterprise Risk Management VIEW
Integrated Enterprise Risk Management, ERM Framework VIEW
ERM Process VIEW
SWOT Analysis VIEW
Sample Risk Register VIEW


Unit 4 Risk Management in Insurance {Book}
a) Insurance Industry:
Global Perspective, Regulatory Framework in India VIEW
IRDA: Reforms, Powers, Functions and Duties VIEW
Role and Importance of Actuary VIEW
b) Players of Insurance Business:
Life Insurance VIEW
Non-Life Insurance VIEW
Reinsurance, Bancassurance VIEW
Alternative Risk Transfer VIEW
Insurance Securitization VIEW
Pricing of Insurance products VIEW
Expected Claim Costs, Risk Classification VIEW
c) Claim Management: General Guidelines VIEW
Life Insurance VIEW
Maturity Claim, Death Claim VIEW
Motor Insurance Claim VIEW
Calculation of Discounted Expected Claim Cost and Fair Premium VIEW