Accounting for Managerial Decisions University of Mumbai BMS 3rd Sem Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}  
Balance sheet of Limited companies VIEW
Manufacturing, Trading, Profit and Loss A/C of Limited companies VIEW
Vertical form of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss A/C VIEW


Unit 2 Ratio analysis and interpretation {Book}  
Ratio analysis and interpretation: Conventional and Functional classification VIEW
Balance sheet Ratios:  
Current Ratio VIEW
Liquidity Ratio VIEW
Stock (Inventory) to Working capital Ratio VIEW
Proprietory Ratio VIEW
Debt equity Ratio VIEW
Capital Gearing Ratio VIEW
Revenue Statement Ratios:  
Gross profit ratio VIEW
Expenses ratio VIEW
Operating ratio VIEW
Net profit ratio VIEW
Net operating profit ratio VIEW
Stock Turnover ratio VIEW
Debtors Turnover ratio VIEW
Creditors turnover Ratio VIEW
Combined Ratios:  
Return on capital employed (including long-term Borrowing) VIEW
Return on proprietor’s fund (Shareholder fund and Preference capital) VIEW
Return on equity capital VIEW
Dividend payout Ratio VIEW
Debt Service Ratio VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}  
Cash flow VIEW
Preparation of Cash flow Statement (Accounting Standard-3) VIEW


Unit 4 Working Capital {Book}  
Working Capital VIEW
Estimation of requirements in case of Trading & Manufacturing Organizations VIEW
Receivables Management: Meaning & Importance VIEW
Credit policy Variables VIEW
Method of credit evaluation (Traditional & Numerical-Credit Scoring) VIEW
Monitoring the Debtors Techniques (DSO, Ageing Schedule) VIEW