Innovative Financial Services University of Mumbai BMS 6th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Traditional Financial Services {Book}
a) Financial Services: Concept, Objectives/Functions, Characteristics, VIEW
Financial Service Market VIEW
Financial Service Market Constituents VIEW VIEW
Growth of Financial Services in India VIEW
Problems in Financial Services Sector VIEW
Banking VIEW
Non-Banking Companies VIEW
Regulatory Framework VIEW VIEW VIEW
b) Factoring: Introduction, Types of Factoring, Advantages and Disadvantages of Factoring VIEW
Factoring Theoretical Framework, Factoring Cost VIEW
Factoring in India VIEW
Factoring v/s Forfaiting VIEW
Working of Forfaiting, Benefits and Drawbacks of Forfaiting, Practical Problems VIEW VIEW
c) Bill Discounting Introduction, Bill Discounting Framework VIEW VIEW
Bill Market Schemes VIEW
Factoring V/s Bill Discounting in Receivable Management VIEW


Unit 2 Issue Management and Securitization {Book}
a) Issue Management Introduction VIEW
Intermediaries Introduction VIEW VIEW
Merchant Bankers/ Lead Managers VIEW VIEW
Underwriters VIEW VIEW VIEW
Bankers to an Issue, Brokers to an Issue VIEW
b) Stock Broking: Introduction, Stock Brokers, SubBrokers, Foreign Brokers VIEW
Trading and Clearing/Self Clearing Members VIEW
Stock Trading (Cash and Normal) VIEW
Derivative Trading VIEW
c) Securitization: Definition, Securitization v/s Factoring, Features of Securitization, Pass Through Certificates VIEW
Securitization Mechanism VIEW
Special Purpose Vehicle, Securitisable Assets, Benefits of Securitization, New Guidelines on Securitization VIEW


Unit 3 Financial Services and its Mechanism {Book}
a) Lease and Hire-Purchase:
Leases Meaning, Types of Leases: Finance Lease, Operating Lease VIEW
Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing VIEW
Leasing in India, Legal Aspects of Leasing VIEW
Definition of Hire Purchase VIEW VIEW
Hire Purchase and Installment Sale Characteristics, Advantages of Hire Purchase, Problems of Hire Purchase VIEW
Hire Purchase and Leasing VIEW
b) Housing Finance: Introduction, Housing Finance Industry, Housing Finance Policy Aspect, Sources of Funds VIEW
Market of Housing Finance, Housing Finance in India; Major Issues VIEW
Housing Finance in India; Growth Factors, Housing Finance Institutions in India VIEW
National Housing Bank (NHB) VIEW
Guidelines for Asset Liability Management System in HFC, Fair Trade Practice Code for HFC’s, Housing Finance Agencies VIEW
Venture Capital: Introduction, Features of Venture Capital, Types of Venture Capital Financing Stages VIEW
Disinvestment mechanisms, Venture Capital Investment process, Indian Scenario VIEW


Unit 4 Consumer Finance and Credit Rating {Book}
a) Consumer Finance: Introduction, Sources, Types of Products, Case for and against Consumer Finance VIEW
Consumer Finance Practice in India, Mechanics of Consumer Finance, Terms, Pricing VIEW
Marketing and Insurance of Consumer Finance VIEW
Consumer Credit Scoring VIEW
b) Plastic Money: Growth of Plastic Money Services in India VIEW
Types of Plastic Cards:
Credit card, Debit Card VIEW VIEW
Smart card VIEW
Add-on Cards VIEW
Performance of Credit Cards and Debit Cards VIEW
Benefits of Credit Cards, Dangers of Debit Cards VIEW
Prevention of Frauds and Misuse, Consumer Protection. Indian Scenario VIEW
Smart Cards: Features, Types, Security Features and Financial Applications VIEW
c) Credit Rating Meaning, Origin, Features, Advantages of Rating, Regulatory Framework, VIEW
Credit Rating Agencies, Credit Rating Process, Credit Rating Symbols VIEW
Credit Rating Agencies in India, Limitations of Rating VIEW