Principles of Management University of Mumbai BMS 2nd Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Nature of Management {Book}
Management Concept, Significance, Roles & Skills VIEW
Levels of Management VIEW
Managerial Grid VIEW
Evolution of Management Thoughts VIEW
Contribution of F.W Taylor VIEW
Henri Fayol VIEW
Contingency Approach VIEW


Unit 2 Planning and Decision Making {Book}
Planning Meaning, Importance, Limitations VIEW VIEW
Elements VIEW
Process VIEW
Management by objective (MBO) VIEW
Decision Making Meaning, Importance+, Process VIEW
Techniques of Decision Making VIEW


Unit 3 Organizing {Book}
Organizing Concepts VIEW
Organizing Principles VIEW
Organization Structure Formal & Informal VIEW
Line and Staff organization VIEW VIEW
Organization Matrix Structure VIEW
Organizing Advantages and Limitations VIEW
Departmentation Meaning, Basis and Significance VIEW
Span of Control Meaning VIEW
Graicunas Theory of Span of Control VIEW
Factors affecting span of Control VIEW
Centralization VIEW
Decentralization VIEW


Unit 4 Directing, Leadership, Co-ordination and Controlling {Book}
Directing Meaning and Process VIEW
Leadership Meaning, Styles VIEW VIEW
Qualities of Good Leader VIEW
Co-ordination as an essence of Management VIEW VIEW
Controlling Meaning, Process and Techniques VIEW VIEW VIEW
Recent Trends:
Green Management VIEW