Change Management University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction {Book}
Introduction & Level of Change, Importance VIEW VIEW
Imperatives of change VIEW
Forces of change VIEW
Causes of Change: Social, economic, Technological and Organizational VIEW
Organizational Culture and Change VIEW
Types and Models of Change:
Kurt Lewin’s change Model VIEW
Action research change Model VIEW
Expanded process Model VIEW
A.J. Leavitts Model VIEW


Unit 2 Impact of Change {Book}
Organizational Change & its implementations VIEW
Individual change: Concept, Need, Importance VIEW
Risk of not having individual perspective VIEW
Team Change: Concept, Need, Importance & Limitation VIEW
Change and its Impact: Resistance to change & Sources VIEW
Resistance to change VIEW
Sources of individual Resistance VIEW
Sources of organizational Resistance VIEW


Unit 3 Resistance to Change {Book}
Overviewing Resistance to Change: VIEW
Manifestations of resistance VIEW
Six Box Model VIEW
Minimizing Resistance to Change VIEW
OD interventions to overcome change: Meaning and Importance VIEW
Team intervention VIEW
Role analysis technique VIEW
Coaching & Mentoring VIEW
T-group, Job expectation Technique VIEW
Behaviour modification VIEW
Managing role Stress VIEW VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 Effective implementation to Change {Book}
Effective implementation to Change: effective change process VIEW
Change agents VIEW
Systematic approach to change, Client & Consultant relationship VIEW
Classic skills of Leaders VIEW VIEW
Case study on Smart change leaders VIEW
Caselets on Action Research VIEW