Rural Marketing University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction {Book}
Introduction to Rural Marketing, Definition, Scope VIEW
Rural Market in India: Size, Scope VIEW
Rural development as a Core Area VIEW
Efforts put for rural Development by Government VIEW
Emerging Profile of Rural Markets in India VIEW
Problems of Rural Market VIEW
Constraints in Rural Marketing and Strategies to overcome VIEW


Unit 2 Rural Market {Book}
Rural consumer vs Urban consumer VIEW
Characteristics of Rural consumers VIEW
Rural Market Environment:
a) Demographics: Population VIEW
Occupation pattern VIEW
Literacy level VIEW
b) Economic factors: Income generation VIEW
Expenditure pattern VIEW
Rural Demand VIEW
Consumption Pattern VIEW
Rural Market index VIEW
Land use Pattern VIEW
c) Rural infrastructure: Rural housing, Electrification, Roads VIEW
Rural consumer behaviour: Meaning VIEW
Factors affecting Rural consumer behaviour: Social factor, Cultural factors, Technological factors, Lifestyle, Personality VIEW


Unit 3 Rural Marketing Mix. {Book}
Marketing Mix for Rural Market/Consumers VIEW
Product Strategies, Rural product categories: FMCG, Consumer Durables, Agriculture goods and Services VIEW
Importance of branding, Packaging VIEW VIEW
Importance of Packaging VIEW
Importance of Labelling VIEW
Nature of competition in Rural Markets VIEW
Problems of fake brands in Rural Markets VIEW
Pricing Strategies and objectives VIEW
Promotional strategies for Rural Market VIEW
Targeting for Rural Market VIEW
Rural Market Positioning VIEW
Rural Marketing Segmentation VIEW


Unit 4 Rural Marketing Strategies {Book}
Rural Marketing Strategies VIEW
Distribution strategies for Rural Consumers:
Channels of Distribution: HAATS, Mandis, Public distribution System, Co-operative Society VIEW
Distribution Models of FMCG like HUL & ITC VIEW
Distribution networks, ideal Distribution model for Rural market VIEW
Communication Strategy:
Channels in Rural communication, Developing effective communication VIEW
Determining communication objectives, Designing the message VIEW
Selecting the communication channels VIEW
Creating Advertisements for Rural Audiences VIEW
Rural Media: Mass media, Non-conventional Media, Personalized Media VIEW