Conflict & Negotiation University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Overview of Conflict {Book}
Meaning of Conflict, Nature VIEW
Transitions in Conflict thought: Traditional, Human Relations, Interactionist VIEW
Functional and Dysfunctional Conflict VIEW
Levels of conflicts VIEW
Process of conflicts VIEW
Organizational conflicts, Causes, Benefits and Limitations VIEW VIEW
Conflict outcomes: Win-lose, Lose-Lose, Compromise, win-win VIEW
Domains of conflicts: Superiority, Injustice, Vulnerability, Distrust, Helplessness VIEW


Unit 2 Conflict Management {Book}
Meaning of Conflict Management, Need & Conflict VIEW
Conflict Resolution Strategies: Competing, Accommodating, Intra-group and Inter-group Levels VIEW
Prevention of Industrial conflicts:
Labour welfare officer VIEW VIEW
Tripartite and Bipartite Bodies, Standing orders VIEW
Grievance procedure VIEW VIEW
Collective Bargaining VIEW VIEW
Settlements of conflicts: Investigation, Mediator, Conciliation, Voluntary arbitration, Compulsory arbitration VIEW
Labour courts, Industrial Tribunals, National Tribunals VIEW


Unit 3 Overview of Negotiation {Book}
Negotiation Meaning Process, Factors VIEW
Negotiation Importance, Elements affecting Negotiation VIEW
Challenges for an effective negotiation VIEW
Role of Communication, Personality and emotions in Negotiation VIEW
Distributive and Integrative Negotiation VIEW
Cross-cultural Negotiation: Meaning, Factors influencing Cross-cultural Negotiation VIEW
Ways to resolve Cross cultural Negotiation VIEW
Types of Negotiations: Day to Day, Employer-Employee, Negotiation between Colleagues VIEW
Commercial negotiation VIEW
Legal Negotiation VIEW


Unit 4 Meaning Negotiations, Ethics of Negotiation and 3D Negotiation {Book}
Third Party Negotiation: Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation, Consultation VIEW
Skills for effective Negotiation VIEW
Negotiation as an Approach to Manage conflicts VIEW
Ethics in Negotiation: Meaning, Need, Ethically Ambiguous Negotiation Tactics VIEW
Culture and Negotiation: Meaning, Influence of culture on negotiations VIEW
3D Negotiation: Meaning, The 3 dimensions for successful negotiations VIEW