Business Research Methods University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Business Research Methods {Book}
Meaning and objectives of Research VIEW
Types of Research:
A) Pure, Basic and Fundamental Research VIEW
B) Applied Research VIEW
C) Empirical Research VIEW
D) Scientific and Social Research VIEW
E) Historical, Exploratory, Descriptive, Casual Research VIEW
Variables Research VIEW
Qualitative Research VIEW
Quantitative Research VIEW
Stages in Research Process VIEW
Characteristics of Good Research VIEW
Hypothesis Meaning, Nature, Significance VIEW
Types of Hypothesis, Sources VIEW
Research Design: Meaning, Definition, Need and Importance VIEW
Essentials of a good Research Design VIEW
Areas/Scope of research Design VIEW
Sampling and Sample, Methods of Sampling VIEW VIEW
Non-Probability Sampling: Convenient, Judgement, Quota, Snow Ball VIEW
Probability Sampling: Simple, Random, Stratified, Cluster, Multi Stage VIEW


Unit 2 Data Collection and Processing {Book}
Types of Data and Sources: Primary and Secondary Data Sources VIEW
Methods of Primary Data Collection:
a) Observation: Structured and Unstructured VIEW
Disguised and Undisguised VIEW
Mechanical observations VIEW
b) Experimental: Field, Laboratory VIEW
c) Interview: Personal interview, Focused group, In-depth Interview VIEW
d) Survey: Telephonic Survey, Mail, E-mail, Internet Survey, Social Media and Media Listening VIEW
e) Survey interview: Questionnaire Designing VIEW
f) Types of question: Structured/Close-end, Unstructured/open-end VIEW
Dichotomous, Multiple type Questions VIEW
g) Scaling Techniques: Likert Scale, Semantic Differential Scale VIEW


Unit 3 Data Analysis and Interpretation {Book}
Processing of Data: Editing field and office editing VIEW
Coding: Meaning and essentials VIEW
Tabulation VIEW
Analysis of Data: Meaning, Purpose and Types VIEW
Interpretation of Data: Essentials, Importance VIEW
Significance of Processing of Data VIEW
Multivariate analysis concept VIEW
Testing of Hypothesis Concept and Problems VIEW
Chi Square test, Z and T test VIEW


Unit 4 Advanced techniques in Report Writing {Book}
Report writing Meaning, Importance, Functions VIEW
Essential of good Report VIEW
Content of Report VIEW
Steps in writing a Report VIEW
Types of reports, Footnotes and Bibliography VIEW
Ethics and Research VIEW
Objectivity, Confidentiality and Anonymity in Research VIEW
Plagiarism in Report VIEW