Information Technology in Business Management II University of Mumbai BMS 4th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Management Information System {Book}
Overview of MIS, Definition and Characteristics VIEW VIEW VIEW
Subsystems of MIS (Activity and Functional Subsystems) VIEW
Structure of MIS VIEW
Reason for failure of MIS VIEW
Understanding Major Functional Systems:
Marketing and Sales Systems VIEW
Finance and Accounting Systems VIEW
Manufacturing & Production Systems VIEW
Human Resource Systems VIEW
Inventory Systems: Sub Systems, Description and Organizational Levels VIEW
Decision Support System: Definition, Characteristics, Components, Classification VIEW
Decision Support System Relationship with MIS VIEW
Decision Support System Evolution, Objectives VIEW
Applications of Decision Support System VIEW


Unit 2 ERP/E-SCM/E-CRM {Book}
ERP Components VIEW
Architecture of ERP: Generic Models VIEW
Applications of ERP VIEW
ERP implications Concept VIEW
ERP Lifecycle VIEW
Concept of XRP (extended ERP) VIEW
Study of SAP, Oracle Apps, MS Dynamics NAV, Peoplesoft VIEW
Concept of e-CRM VIEW
E-CRM Solutions and its Advantages VIEW
CRM Capabilities VIEW
Customer Life Cycle VIEW
Privacy issues and CRM VIEW
CRM and Work flow Automation VIEW
Concept of e-SCM, Strategic Advantages and Benefits VIEW
E-SCM Components and Chain Architecture VIEW
Major trends in e-SCM VIEW


Unit 3 Introduction to Data Base and Data warehouse {Book}
Meaning of DBMS, Need VIEW
Concepts of DBMS VIEW
Records, Attributes, Keys, Integrity constraints, Schema Architecture, Data independence VIEW
Concept of Data Warehousing, Functions, Characteristics, Importance VIEW
Data Warehousing Architecture VIEW
Business use of Data Warehousing VIEW
Standard Reports and Queries VIEW
Data Mining VIEW
Data Mining Scope and Technique VIEW
Business Applications of Data warehouse and Data Mining VIEW


Unit 4 Outsourcing {Book}
Meaning of outsourcing, Need, Scope of Outsourcing VIEW
IT and Business Process of Outsourcing VIEW
BPO Vendors VIEW
BPO Service Scope VIEW
Benefits of BPO VIEW
BPO and IT Services VIEW
Project Management approach in BPO VIEW
BPO and IT enabled Services VIEW
BPO Business Model VIEW
Strategy for Business Process Outsourcing VIEW
Process of BPO VIEW
Meaning of KPO VIEW
KPO Opportunity and Scope VIEW
KPO Challenges and India Scenario VIEW
Outsourcing in Cloud environment: Cloud computing offerings VIEW
Traditional Outsourcing vs Cloud computing VIEW