Information Technology in Business Management 1 University of Mumbai BMS 3rd Sem Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}  
Information Technology VIEW
Concept of Data, Information and Knowledge VIEW
Database VIEW
Information System and its Major Components VIEW
Types and Levels of Information System VIEW
Main Types of Information Technology Support System VIEW
Computer Based Information System VIEW
Types of Computer Based Information System VIEW
Office Automation System (OAS) VIEW
Transaction Processing System (TPS) VIEW
Management Information System (MIS) VIEW
Decision Support System (DSS) VIEW
Executive Information System (EIS) VIEW
Knowledge Based System (KBS) VIEW
Expert Systems VIEW
Success and Failure of Information Technology: Failure of Nike and AT&T VIEW
IT Development Trends VIEW
Major Areas of Information Technology Applications in Management VIEW
Digital Economy VIEW
Digital Organization VIEW
IT Resources VIEW
Open Source Software VIEW
Different Operating Systems VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}  
Microsoft Word VIEW
Spreadsheet Applications Part 1 VIEW
Spreadsheet Applications Part 2 VIEW
Presentation Software VIEW
Rehearsal of Presentation VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}  
Email VIEW
Outlook and Use of Outlook VIEW
Configuring Outlook VIEW
Bulk Email Software VIEW
Intranet VIEW
Extranet VIEW
Networking Basics VIEW
Different Types of Network VIEW
Bridges VIEW
Routers VIEW
IP Address VIEW
Local Area Network (LAN) VIEW
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) VIEW
Wide Area Network (WAN) VIEW
Domain Name Registration VIEW
e-Commerce VIEW
M-Commerce VIEW
Business Models of e-Commerce VIEW
e-Governance VIEW
Electronic Fund Transfer VIEW
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}  
Threats to Computer System VIEW
Types of Security Threads VIEW
Information Technology Risk VIEW
Measuring Information Technology Risk VIEW
Risk Mitigation VIEW
Risk Management VIEW
Information System Security VIEW
Internet Security VIEW
Network and Website Security Risks VIEW
Website Hacking and issues Therein VIEW
Security and Email VIEW
e-Business Risk Management issues VIEW
Firewall: Meaning, Components and Types VIEW
Advantage and Disadvantage of Firewall VIEW
Enterprise Wide Security Framework VIEW
Information Security Environment in India VIEW
Types of Real Time System VIEW
Distinguish between Real Time, Online and Batch Processing System VIEW
Real Time Applications Viz. Railway, Airway and Hotel Reservation System VIEW
EDI Transactions VIEW
e-Cash VIEW
Security Requirements for Safe e-payment Systems VIEW
Security Measures in International and Cross Boarder Financial Transaction VIEW
Threat Hunting Software VIEW