International Marketing University of Mumbai BMS 6th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to International Marketing & Trade {Book}
Meaning, Features of International Marketing, Need and Drivers of International Marketing VIEW
Process of International Marketing, Phases of International Marketing VIEW
Benefits of International Marketing VIEW
Challenges of International Marketing VIEW
Difference between Domestic and International Marketing VIEW
Different Orientations of International Marketing: EPRG Framework VIEW
Entering International Markets: VIEW
Exporting VIEW VIEW
Licensing VIEW
Franchising VIEW
Mergers and Acquisition VIEW
Joint Ventures VIEW
Strategic Alliance VIEW
Wholly Owned Subsidiaries VIEW
Contract Manufacturing VIEW
Turnkey Projects VIEW
Concept of Globalization VIEW VIEW
Introduction to International Trade: Concept of International Trade VIEW VIEW
Barriers to Trade: Tariff and Non-Tariff VIEW
European Union VIEW


Unit 2 International Marketing Environment and Marketing Research {Book}
a) International Marketing Environment VIEW
Economic Environment: International Economic Institution:
World Bank VIEW
International Economic Integration:
Free Trade Agreement VIEW
Customs Union VIEW VIEW
Common Market VIEW
Economic Union VIEW
Political Environment: Political System (Democracy, Authoritarianism, Communism), Political Risk, Political Instability, Political Intervention VIEW
Legal Environment: Legal Systems (Common Law, Civil Law, Theocratic Law), Legal Differences, Anti-Dumping Law and Import License VIEW
Cultural Environment: Concept, Elements of Culture (Language, Religion, Values and Attitude, Manners and Customs, Aesthetics and Education), HOFSTEDE’s Six Dimension of Culture, Cultural Values (Individualism v/s Collectivism) VIEW
b) Marketing Research: Introduction, Need for Conducting International Marketing Research, International Marketing Research Process, Scope of International Marketing Research, IT in Marketing Research VIEW


Unit 3 International Marketing Mix {Book}
International Product Decision VIEW
International Product Line Decisions VIEW
Product Standardization v/s Adaptation Argument VIEW
International Product Life Cycle VIEW
Role of Packaging and Labelling in International Markets VIEW
Branding Decisions in International Markets VIEW
International Market Segmentation and Targeting, Positioning VIEW
b) International Pricing Decision VIEW
Concept of International Pricing, Objectives of International Pricing, Factors Affecting International Pricing VIEW
International Pricing Methods: Cost Based, Demand Based, Competition Based, Value Pricing, Target Return Pricing and Going Rate Pricing VIEW
International Pricing Strategies: Skimming Pricing, Penetration Pricing, Predatory Pricing VIEW
International Pricing Issues: Gray Market, Counter Trade, Dumping, Transfer Pricing VIEW
c) International Distribution Decisions
Concept of International Distribution Channels, Types of International Distribution Channels VIEW
Factors Influencing Selection of International Distribution Channel VIEW
d) International Promotion Decisions:
Concept of International Promotion Decision VIEW VIEW
Planning International Promotional Campaigns: Steps: Determine the Target Audience, Determine Specific Campaigns VIEW
Determine Budget VIEW
Determine Message VIEW VIEW
Determine Campaign Approach VIEW VIEW
Determine Campaign Effectiveness VIEW VIEW
Standardization V/S Adaptation of International Promotional Strategies VIEW VIEW
International Promotional Tools/Elements VIEW


Unit 4 Developments in International Marketing {Book}
a) Introduction: Developing International Marketing Plan: VIEW
Preparing International Marketing Plan VIEW
Examining International Organisational Design VIEW
Controlling International Marketing Operations VIEW
Devising International Marketing Plan VIEW
b) International strategies:
Need for International Strategies, Types of International Strategies VIEW
c) International Marketing of Services:
Concept of International Service Marketing, Features of International Service Marketing, Need of International Service Marketing VIEW
Drivers of Global Service Marketing, Advantages and Disadvantages of Global Service Marketing, Service Culture VIEW