Brand Management University of Mumbai BMS 6th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Brand Management {Book}
Meaning of Brand VIEW
Brand Management VIEW
Branding, Importance of Branding to Consumers, Firms VIEW VIEW
Brands v/s Product VIEW
Scope of Branding VIEW
Branding Challenges and Opportunities VIEW
Strategic Brand Management Process VIEW
Customer Based Brand Equity model (CBBE) VIEW
Sources of Brand Equity VIEW
Steps of Brand Building including Brand Building Blocks VIEW
Brand Positioning: Meaning, Importance, Basis VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Planning and Implementing Brand Marketing Programs {Book}
Brand Element: Meaning, Criteria for choosing Brand Elements, Types of Brand Elements VIEW
Integrating Marketing Programs and Activities VIEW
Personalizing Marketing: Experiential Marketing, One to One Marketing VIEW
Permission Marketing VIEW
Product Strategy VIEW
Perceived Quality VIEW
Relationship Marketing VIEW VIEW
Pricing Strategy: VIEW VIEW
Setting Prices to Build Brand Equity VIEW
Channel Strategy: VIEW VIEW
Direct, Indirect Channel VIEW
Promotion Strategy VIEW VIEW
Developing Integrated Marketing Communication Programs VIEW VIEW
Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations to Build Brand Equity: Companies, Countries VIEW
Channel of Distribution VIEW VIEW
Co-branding, Characters VIEW
Events VIEW


Unit 3 Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance {Book}
a) The Brand Value Chain VIEW
b) Measuring Sources of Brand Equity:
Qualitative Research Techniques: Projective Techniques: Completion, Comparison VIEW
Brand Personality VIEW VIEW
Values: The Big Five VIEW
Free Association VIEW
Quantitative Research Techniques:
Brand Awareness VIEW
Brand Recognition VIEW
Brand Recall VIEW
Brand Image VIEW VIEW
Brand Responses VIEW
c) Young and Rubicam’s Brand Asset Valuator VIEW
d) Measuring Outcomes of Brand Equity VIEW
Comparative Methods: Brand based Comparative Approaches, Marketing Based Comparative Approaches, Conjoint Analysis VIEW
Holistic Methods: Residual Approaches, Valuation Approaches VIEW
Historical Perspectives and Interbrand’s Brand Valuation Methodology VIEW


Unit 4 Growing and Sustaining Brand Equity {Book}
Designing and Implementing Branding Strategies VIEW
Brand Architecture: Meaning of Brand Architecture, The Brand-Product Matrix VIEW
Breadth of a Branding Strategy, Depth of a Branding Strategy VIEW
Brand Hierarchy: Meaning of Brand Hierarchy, Building equity at Different Hierarchy Levels VIEW
Cause Marketing to Build Brand Equity: Meaning of Cause Marketing, Advantages VIEW
Green Marketing VIEW
Brand extensions: Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages VIEW
Brand extension and Brand equity VIEW
Managing Brands over Time: VIEW
Reinforcing Brand VIEW
Revitalizing Brand VIEW
Building global customer-based Brand equity VIEW