Product Innovations Management University of Mumbai BMS 3rd Sem Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}  
Innovation Concept and Features VIEW
Types of Innovation VIEW
Innovations Management VIEW
Features of Innovations Management VIEW
Significance of Innovations VIEW
Principles of Innovations VIEW
Left and Right Brain Thinking VIEW
Creative Thinking VIEW
Traditional Vs Creative Thinking VIEW
Intuition VIEW
Creativity Concept and Types VIEW
Methods of Creativity VIEW
Safeguarding Innovation VIEW
Intellectual Property Rights VIEW
Patents VIEW
Trademarks VIEW
Industrial Design VIEW
Copyright VIEW
Trade Secrets VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}  
Organizing for Innovation VIEW
Organizational Theories VIEW
Organizational Structures VIEW
Traits of Innovative Organization VIEW
Factors Influencing Organizational Design VIEW
Strategizing Innovation VIEW
Developing Innovation Strategy VIEW
Market Standing Based Strategies VIEW
Managing Innovation Function VIEW
Planning VIEW
Organizing VIEW
Staffing VIEW
Controlling VIEW
Characteristics of Good Management VIEW
Climate and Culture for Innovation VIEW
Need for Creative Organization VIEW
Characteristics for Creative Organization VIEW
Creating Creative Organization VIEW
7s Framework VIEW
Fostering Innovation Climate and Culture VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}  
Product Innovation VIEW
Types of New Product VIEW
Technology Strategy for Product Innovation VIEW
New Product Development Process VIEW
Packaging Innovations VIEW
Positioning Innovation VIEW
New Product Failures VIEW
Cases of Innovating Companies VIEW
Process Innovation VIEW
Management Process Concept and Features VIEW
Types of Process Innovation VIEW
Process Improvement Methods VIEW
Business Process Reengineering VIEW
Benchmarking VIEW
Concept of Diffusion and Adoption VIEW
Impact of Innovation VIEW
Diffusion as an Integral Part of Innovation Strategy VIEW
Innovations Diffusion Theories VIEW
Factors Influencing Diffusion Strategy VIEW
Internationalization of Innovations VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}  
Concept of New Product Development VIEW
Product Specification and Establishment of Specifications VIEW
Establishing Target Specifications VIEW
Setting the Final Specifications VIEW
Methods of Concept Generation VIEW
Methods for Selecting a Concept VIEW
Benefits of Choosing a Structured Method VIEW
Screening VIEW
Scoring VIEW
7-Test Methods of Concept Testing VIEW
Product Testing: Introduction and Purpose VIEW
Overriding Concerns of Product Testing VIEW
Major Decision in Constructing a Product Test VIEW