Business Statistics University of Mumbai BMS 1st Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Statistics {Book}
Functions/Scope, Importance, Limitations of Statistics VIEW
Data: Relevance of data in Current scenario VIEW
Types of Date: VIEW
Primary Data: Census vs Samples VIEW
Method of Primary data collection VIEW
Secondary Data: Merits, Limitations, Sources VIEW
Presentation of Data: Classification, frequency distribution, Discrete & continuous VIEW
Data Tabulation VIEW
Frequency Table VIEW
Bar Diagram, Histogram VIEW
Pie chart VIEW
Ogives VIEW
Measures of Central Tendency:
Mean (AM, Weighted, Combined) VIEW
Median (Calculation and graphical using ogives) VIEW
Mode (Calculation and Graphical using Histogram) VIEW
Comparative analysis of all measures of central Tendency VIEW


Unit 2 Measures of Dispersion, Co-relation and Linear Regression {Book}
Measures of Dispersion:
Range and co-efficient of Range VIEW
Quartiles, Quartile Deviation and Quartile co-efficient VIEW
Mean deviation with mean, Co-efficient of mean deviation VIEW
Standard deviation with co-efficient of Variance VIEW
Skewness VIEW
Kurtosis VIEW
Karl Pearson & Rank co-relation VIEW
Linear Regression:
Least Square Method VIEW


Unit 3 Time Series and Index Number {Book}
Time Series:
Least Square Method VIEW
Moving average Method VIEW
Determination of Season VIEW
Index Number: VIEW
Unweighted, Weighted Aggregate Method: Simple, Weighted average of Price Relatives VIEW
Chain based index Numbers VIEW
Base Shifting, Splicing and Deflating VIEW
Cost of Living Index Number VIEW


Unit 4 Probability and Decision Theory {Book}
Probability VIEW
Types VIEW
Concept of Sample space, Event VIEW
Addition and Multiplication laws of Probability VIEW
Conditional Probability VIEW
Baye’s Theorem VIEW
Expectation & Variance VIEW
Concept of Probability distribution VIEW
Decision Theory: Acts, State of Nature event VIEW
Pay offs, opportunity loss VIEW
Decision making under certainty, uncertainty, Risk VIEW
Maximax, Maximin, Minimax, Regret, Laplace & Hurwicz VIEW
Probabilistic (Decision making under risk): EMV, EOL, EVPI VIEW
Decision Tree VIEW