Workforce Diversity University of Mumbai BMS 6th Sem Notes

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Unit 1 Workforce Diversity: An Overview {Book}
Workforce VIEW
Workforce Diversity: Meaning, Features and Significance VIEW
Dimensions of Workforce Diversity VIEW
Advantages and Limitations of having a diverse workforce VIEW
Positive and Negative effects of workforce diversity in workplace VIEW


Unit 2 Workforce Diversity and HRM Functions {Book}
Steps to Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce VIEW
Workforce Diversity and HRM Functions:
Diversity and Recruitment VIEW
Diversity and Supervision VIEW
Diversity and Training VIEW
Diversity and Compensation VIEW
Diversity and Performance Management VIEW
Diversity and Work life Balance VIEW
Role of Recruiter in Hiring Diversified Workforce VIEW
Workforce Diversity Key to Organizational Performance VIEW
Workforce Diversity as a Determinant of Sustainable Competitive Advantage VIEW


Unit 3 Strategies to Manage Diversity {Book}
Organizational Strategies for Managing Workforce Diversity VIEW
Workplace Inclusion Strategies through Corporate Leadership VIEW
Workplace Inclusion Strategies through Diversity Training VIEW
Workplace Inclusion Strategies through Mentoring VIEW
Diversity Management Programmes Concept VIEW
Corporate Culture and Diversity at workplace VIEW
Techniques of Managing Work Force Diversity VIEW
Approaches to Diversity Management System VIEW


Unit 4 Issues in Managing Diversity and Recent Trends {Book}
Best Practices in Achieving Workforce Diversity and Multi-culturism VIEW
Global workforce diversity management VIEW
Recent Trends of Diversity VIEW
Role of Technology in Handling Workforce Diversity VIEW
Workforce Diversity Management for Creativity and Innovation VIEW
Ethical and Legal Issues in Managing Diversity VIEW