Essentials of Effective Selection

26/08/2022 0 By indiafreenotes

Selection is the next step after recruitment. Theos A Langlie writes, “The manager’s concern with techniques of personal selection is that they are so designed and administered that they provide the basis for effective and economical manning of jobs in the organisation.”


  1. Selection Board:

 The responsibility of selecting employees should be assigned to an efficient and qualified selection board so that only the right man can be elected.

  1. Job first, man next:

This should be the basic and fundamental principal of selection.

  1. Proper sources:

 Selection should be from internal and external sources and management should not rely much on one single source.

  1. Proper standards:

Selection should be based on standards set out by job analysis. If suitable candidate is not available, the post should be allowed to remain vacant for time being until a right man is available.

  1. Differential selection method:

 The differential selection level for different levels of posts should be followed.

  1. Consistency:

The selection policy should not surpass the organisational general policy. It should be within the framework.

  1. Flexibility:

Selection policy should not be rigid; it should be flexible so that necessary amendments can be made whenever required.

  1. Unbiased:

The selection policy should be unbiased and should be employment oriented.