Human Resource Management Bangalore University BBA 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Human Resource Management {Book}
Meaning and Definition of HRM: Features, Objectives, Functions VIEW
Functions of Human Resource Management VIEW
Importance of Human Resource Management VIEW
Challenges of HRM VIEW
Role and Responsibilities of HR Manager VIEW
Recent trends in HR VIEW
Meaning and Role of HR Analytics VIEW


Unit 2 Manpower Planning {Book}
Meaning and Importance of Manpower Planning VIEW
**Human Resource Planning Meaning, Importance, Benefits VIEW
**Human Resource Planning Scope VIEW
Meaning and Need of Succession planning VIEW
Meaning, Need and features of Job Analysis VIEW VIEW
Meaning, Need and features Job Description VIEW
Meaning, Need and features Job Specification VIEW
Meaning, Need and features Job Enlargement VIEW
Meaning, Need and features Job Rotation VIEW
Meaning, Need and features Job enrichment VIEW
Meaning, importance of Recruitment VIEW VIEW
Sources of Recruitment VIEW
Meaning and benefits of E-recruitment VIEW
Meaning of Recruitment Matrix VIEW
Meaning and Definitions of Selection and Selection Process VIEW VIEW
Steps of Selection Process VIEW
Essentials of Effective Selection VIEW
Hurdles to Effective Selection VIEW
Meaning and Features of Placement VIEW VIEW
Meaning and Features of Gamification VIEW


Unit 3 Induction, Training and Compensation {Book}
Meaning, Need, Features and Process of Induction VIEW
Problems faced during induction, Essentials of successful induction VIEW
Meaning of induction manual and checklist VIEW
Meaning, Need, Features, Objectives and Significance of training VIEW
Differences between Training and Induction VIEW
Steps in training VIEW
Methods of Training VIEW VIEW
A brief discussion of Kirkpatrick Model VIEW
Meaning and Significance of Career Development VIEW VIEW
Meaning, Need of Compensation VIEW VIEW
Types of Compensation VIEW
Differences between Compensation and Remuneration VIEW
Meaning and components of CTC VIEW
Motivation Meaning, Importance of Motivation VIEW
Theories of Motivation:
Theory Z of Motivation VIEW
Maslow VIEW
Herzberg VIEW
McGregor VIEW
Equity Theory of Motivation VIEW
Process Theories VIEW
Vroom’s Expectancy Theory VIEW


Unit 4 Performance Appraisal {Book}
Meaning, Definitions, Objectives, Benefits and Limitations of Performance Appraisal VIEW
Methods of Performance Appraisal VIEW
Meaning, Definitions of Promotion VIEW
Purposes and Basis of Promotion VIEW
Meaning of Open Promotion, Closed Promotion and Dry Promotion Systems VIEW
Meaning and need for Transfer VIEW
Differences between Promotion and Transfer VIEW
Reasons for Transfer, Types of Transfer VIEW
Meaning and need of Rightsizing of the workforce VIEW
Meaning and need of Downsizing of the workforce VIEW
Meaning and Definitions of Attrition, Reasons for attrition, Types of attrition VIEW
Measures to overcome High rate of Attrition VIEW


Unit 5 Employee Engagement {Book}
Meaning and Types of Employee Engagement VIEW
Drivers of Employee Engagement VIEW
**Factor influencing Employee Engagement VIEW
Benefits and Challenges of Employee Engagement VIEW
Models of Employee Engagement VIEW
A Brief Discussion of Deloitte Model and Zinger Model VIEW