B2B Remarketing Campaigns

26/04/2021 0 By indiafreenotes

Remarketing is the process of bringing previous visitors back to your website to finish the conversion process otherwise known in B2B as filling out a form. Research shows remarketing converts up to 50% traffic, while search campaigns convert roughly 2%.

The perks of remarketing include:

  • Sustaining brand awareness (while they are looking at your competitors), in effect, generating leads
  • Nurturing leads by keeping potential customers engaged
  • Recapturing lost leads


Create remarketing lists for every stage of your sales funnel

The first thing you need to do for your B2B remarketing strategy is to map out your sales funnels. Hopefully, you’ve already done this and created PPC campaigns for each stage of your sales funnel to address user needs as they change along the consumer journey.

Create separate remarketing landing pages

Now that you know what kind of campaigns you’re going to be creating, it’s time to think about landing pages and you’re not going to send users to the same page they visited first time around.

Create remarketing lists for your email subscribers

You might like to think a user counts as a lead once they sign up to your newsletter or download some of your content but how many of these “leads” are turning into paying customers?

To maximise your email marketing efforts, you’ll also want to create remarketing lists for your email subscribers. Here are a few examples of the sort of lists you might create:

  • Users who visited your webinar signup page but didn’t sign up
  • Webinar signups who didn’t attend
  • Webinar signups who attended but didn’t convert
  • Webinar attendees who converted but haven’t made a second purchase

These are just four examples of remarketing campaigns you can create to boost the performance of a webinar strategy, for each stage of the lead generation process. You’re going to want to think like this for all of your lead generation strategies.

Reach new audiences with Customer Match & Lookalike Audiences

Google and Facebook’s advertising platforms both offer similar features that allow you to take your email marketing lists and use them to target new users who display similar online interests and behaviours.

Take a look at Customer Match on Google Ads and Lookalike Audiences on Facebook Ads both of which can turn your email lists into entirely new PPC leads.

Maximise email signups with multi-step forms

As you can see by this stage, a strong B2B remarketing strategy is heavily integrated with your email marketing efforts and this means you need to maximise email signups to get the best results.

Move B2B leads along your sales funnels (using remarketing lists)

We’ve already looked at using remarketing lists to target users at various stages of the consumer journey but now it’s time to look at the real magic of remarketing lists: guiding users along every stage of your sales funnel and truning them into paying customers.

Post-purchase remarketing

Forrester research tells us it costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than it does to turn an existing one into a repeat buyer. You’ve already invested time and money into getting your existing customers on board, too, so it only makes sense to maximise your ROI from your existing customer base.

It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in, there are plenty of opportunities to turn first-time buyers into loyal customers:

  • Cross-selling: Related products relevant to a customer’s first purchase.
  • Upselling: Upgrading from the free version to a paid version of your software platform.
  • Renewing: Contractual or subscription-based products/services when the initial contract period is up.
  • Rebuying: Purchasing the same product or service again at the end of its lifecycle – eg: a new phone or website redesign.
  • Reinviting: Reaching out to previous customers who have left or stopped buying from you.
  • Loyalty campaigns: Reaching out to customers with rewards to build stronger relationships.

Content remarketing

This is one of the most overlooked remarketing lead gen strategies around, which is a crime considering how capable it is for B2B brands.

All that time and money you’re investing in creating blog content is falling short of its full potential unless you’re targeting your readers with remarketing campaigns encouraging them to sign up to your lead gen content (webinars, eBooks, digital downloads, etc.)

Limited offer remarketing campaigns

When your PPC traffic doesn’t convert at the first opportunity, it normally means one of two things: you’re simply not offering what they want or there’s something relatively small preventing them from making the commitment.

Keep your remarketing campaigns GDPR-compliant

It wouldn’t be right to talk about remarketing for B2B lead generation in 2019 without mentioning GDPR. You don’t need to let the European regulations get in the way of your remarketing efforts but it is important to understand your obligations.