Pre-Requisites of Performance Management

02/07/2021 0 By indiafreenotes

Performance management is an ongoing process in organisations. In order to make the organisation successful and progressing, it is very important to have it going in the organisation continuously. And when this happens regularly it comes in the form of periodic reviews.


  • A commitment towards recognition of high performance. Rewards and recognitions should be built within the framework of performance management framework.
  • Should attract very high levels of participation from all the members concerned in an organization. It should be a participative process.
  • Top management support and commitment is very essential for building a sound performance culture in an organization.
  • Clear definition of the roles for performing a given job within the organizational framework which emanates from the departmental and the organizational objectives. The system should also be able to explain the linkages of a role with other roles.
  • Proper organizational training should be provided to the staff members based on the identification of training needs from periodic evaluation and review of performance. This will motivate the employees for a superior performance.
  • Open and transparent communication should prevail which will motivate the employees for participating freely and delivering high performance. Communication is an essential pre requisite for a performance management process as it clarifies the expectations and enables the parties in understanding the desired behaviors or expected results.
  • Identification of major performance parameters and definition of key performance indicators.
  • Organizational vision, mission and goals should be clearly defined and understood by all levels so that the efforts are directed towards the realization of the organizational ambitions.
  • Consistency and fairness in application.