Business Regulations Bangalore University 4th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction [Book]
Meaning, Definition of Business Law VIEW
Sources of Business Law VIEW
Types of Business Law VIEW
Employment Law VIEW
Immigration Law VIEW
Consumer Goods Sales Law VIEW VIEW
Contract Law VIEW VIEW
Antitrust Law VIEW
Intellectual Property Law VIEW
Business Formation Law VIEW


Unit 2 Contract Law [Book]
Indian Contract Act 1872, Definition and meaning of Contract VIEW
Essentials of Valid contract VIEW
Classification of contract VIEW
Breach of Contract VIEW
Remedies to Breach of Contract VIEW
Sale of Goods Act 1930; Definition of contract of sale VIEW
Essentials of contract of sale VIEW
Conditions and Warrantees VIEW VIEW
Rights and Duties of buyer VIEW
Rights of unpaid seller VIEW


Unit 3 Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology Law [Book]
Intellectual Property Rights Introduction, Need VIEW
Kinds of Intellectual Property Rights Meaning:
Patents VIEW
Copyrights VIEW
Trademarks VIEW
Trade Secrets VIEW
Geographical Indication VIEW
Patents Meaning, Salient Features of Patents VIEW
Conditions for an Invention to be Patented VIEW
Procedure for obtaining a Patent VIEW
Opposition to Grant of Patents, Term and Expire of Patent VIEW
Restoration and surrender of Lapsed patents VIEW
Remedies available to the Patent owner for Infringement of Patent Rights VIEW
Information Technology Act 2000 Introduction, Need and objective of Information Technology Act VIEW
Cyber Law in India VIEW VIEW
Cyber Crimes Meaning and Types VIEW
Cyber Crimes Offences and penalties VIEW
Cyber space, Digital signature VIEW
Private key, Public key VIEW
Encryption VIEW
Digital signature certificate VIEW


Unit 4 Competition and Consumer Laws [Book]
Competition Act 2002, Objectives VIEW
Features of Competition Act 2002 VIEW
Competition Appellate Tribunal VIEW
Offences and Penalties under Competition Act 2002 VIEW
Competition Commission of India; Powers and Duties VIEW
Consumer Protection Act 1986, Introduction, Objectives and Need VIEW
Consumer VIEW
Consumer Dispute VIEW
Defect, Deficiency, Unfair Trade Practices and Services VIEW
Rights of Consumer VIEW
Consumer Redressal Agencies: District Forum, State Commission and National Commission VIEW


Unit 5 Environment Protection Law [Book]
Environment Protection Act 1986, Objectives, Definitions of Environment, Environment Pollutant, Environment pollution, Hazardous Substances and Occupier VIEW
Types of Pollution VIEW
Powers of Central Government to protect Environment in India VIEW