Types of Negotiations: Day to Day, Employer-Employee

15th March 2021 1 By indiafreenotes

Negotiation is a technique of discussing issues among one self and reaching to a conclusion benefiting all involved in the discussion. It is one of the most effective ways to avoid conflicts and tensions. When individuals do not agree with each other, they sit together, discuss issues on an open forum, negotiate with each other and come to an alternative which satisfies all. In a layman’s language it is also termed as bargaining.

Day to Day Negotiation at work place: Every day we negotiate something or the other at the workplace either with our superiors or with our fellow workers for the smooth flow of work. These are called day to day negotiations.

Negotiation between employee and superior: At the work place, an employee has to negotiate with his superiors so that he is assigned the responsibilities as per his interests and specialization. Don’t accept anything you are not comfortable with. Sit with your boss and discuss things with him. Let’s suppose your boss wants you to prepare a report on branding and marketing strategies of the organization and marketing was never your specialization. Do not accept it just because your boss has told you to do so. Negotiate with him, probably you can cover some other subject and somebody else can be asked to prepare the report on marketing and branding. It is better to negotiate at the first place to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings later. An individual before accepting any offer should negotiate his salary with the concerned person to avoid tensions later. If you are not getting what you deserve, you will never enjoy your work. Don’t just accept any offer just because you need a job, its, always advisable to negotiate well before joining any organization.

Negotiation between colleagues: Negotiation is essential among team members to reduce the chances of disputes and conflicts. Any particular team member should not be overburdened while the other member is relaxing. One should negotiate with his fellow workers and accept only those responsibilities he feels he is best capable of doing. The responsibility of achieving the targets should not rest on only one shoulder, but equally divided among all. Negotiate with your team members and accept the responsibilities willingly. If you want to go for a leave for some days, negotiate with your team member to take care of your work in your absence. When he takes a leave, you can help him in the same way.

Negotiation helps to increase the output of the team and eventually the productivity of the organization. People achieve what they expect and hence misunderstandings and conflicts are reduced to a large extent and the office becomes a better place to work.