Principles of a good Industrial Relations

10th July 2021 1 By indiafreenotes

The term ‘Industrial Relations’ comprises “Industry” and “relations”. Industry means any productive activity in which an individual is engaged. It includes:

(a) Primary activities like agriculture, fisheries, plantation, forestry, horticulture, mining etc. etc.

(b) Secondary activities like manufacturing, construction, trade, transport, commerce, banking, communi­cation etc.

Industrial relation aims at building a strong relation between the employees and the employer as well as among the employees themselves. A strong industrial relation ensures protection of employee’s interest and successful attainment of organisational objectives in smooth and efficient manner.

Industrial relations are the relationships between employees and employers within the organizational settings. It looks at the relationship between management and workers, particularly groups of workers represented by a union. Industrial relations are basically the interactions between employers, employees and the government, and the institutions and associations through which such interactions are mediated.


  • All employees be treated equally in the organisation. No discrimination should be practised in enforcing the policies and rules of the organisation.
  • Workers should be given reasonable remuneration for their work. It will lead to contentment among them and contribute to industrial peace.
  • Sense of belonging to organisation is created among workers when they get opportunity of participation in management. Their morale is boosted. It leads to good industrial relations.
  • Industrial disputes should be a resolved by collective bargaining between trade unions and employers’ associations. Legal methods be used only if all other measures fail.
  • Frank and free exchange of views between Trade Unions and Employers’ associations.
  • In order to establish good industrial relations there should be desire for mutual co-operation between trade unions and management associations.
  • There should be effective communication between workers and managements for good industrial relations. In this case, there will be minimum conflicts between them.
  • Human treatment be meted out to the workers. Such a treatment will go a long way to make good industrial relations.