Add-on Cards

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An Add-On Card is a privilege offered to the close family members of a primary credit cardholder. The add-on card comes with the same features of the primary credit cardholder, which can be availed by the closest family member.

Eligibility for Add-On Card The closest family members of the primary credit cardholder are eligible. However, the closest family member must be above the age of 18. Here is a list of those who can avail an add-on card.

  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Siblings
  • Children
  • Parents-in-law
  • Sister/Brother-in-law
  • Son/Daughter-in-law

Add-on Credit Cards by Popular Banks

  • SBI Add-on Credit Cards
  • HDFC Add-on Credit Cards
  • ICICI Add-on Credit Cards
  • Axis Bank Add-on Credit Cards
  • CitiBank Add-on Credit Cards
  • RBL Bank Add-on Credit Cards
  • Standard Chartered Add-on Credit Cards
  • HSBC Add-on Credit Cards
  • Kotak Mahindra Add-on Credit Cards
  • Bank of India Add-on Credit Cards

Features of Add-On Credit Cards

Primarily, add-on credit cards share all the features of the main credit card. All the benefits offered by the primary card are available on the supplementary card. However, there are a few aspects you need to understand while using an add-on credit card.

Credit limit of an add-on credit card: Add-on credit cards have the same credit limit as that of the primary credit card. You can use add-on credit card up to total credit limit on the card account.

Some card issuers also allow primary cardholders to set a limit on each add-on credit card. It could be same or lesser than the total credit limit on the account.

The same stands true for cash withdrawal limit or cash limit. While most banks provide a default cash limit of 100% on add-on cards, a few like HDFC provide a lesser cash limit to add-on cardholders.

Reward points on add-on credit cards: Add-on credit cardholders earn the reward points at the same rate as that of the primary cardholder. This means the number of reward points, minimum transaction amount, redemption options, etc., remain the same.

The accrued reward points get credited to the primary cardholders account. While redeeming the points, you can use the consolidated points.

Airport lounge access on add-on cards: Not all credit card providers allow the add-on cardholders to enjoy the complimentary airport lounge access provided to the primary cardholder.

Especially, the free membership offered on airport Priority Pass Program and others are exclusive for primary cardholders.

However, there are a few card issuers that allow primary and supplementary cardholders to share the free visits.

Offers on add-on credit cards: Most of the card issuers consider add-on credit card as another card in providing the offers. If it is the case with your card as well, the primary cardholder and the add-on cardholder can avail the offer separately. Typical credit card offers include discounts, cashback, free gifts, vouchers, etc.