Employer branding on LinkedIn

21/04/2021 0 By indiafreenotes

Being one of the best professional networks, LinkedIn is a hub of job seekers and potential hires. You can post your job opportunities to find the best talent, source potential candidates, as well as build your professional network.

In addition to this, you can leverage LinkedIn to present your company as the best place to work for your potential hires. You can speak about your company culture with the help of photos, videos or gifs. You can also share blog posts written by your employees on your LinkedIn page and showcase your talented team and rich company values to your potential candidates.

A strong employer branding helps you in delivering the right message to your target candidates. With the help of your recruiting team, you can plan out your employer value proposition and take the required steps for effective recruitment marketing. You can depict to your potential hires how it is to work for your company and help them in making an informed decision.

Whether it is your company website or your career website or social media platform like LinkedIn, your employer brand speaks for your organization. Building your employer brand on LinkedIn should be an ongoing activity. Read this blog to learn how to build your employer brand on LinkedIn.

Best Employer Branding Examples on LinkedIn

Many companies today have successfully implemented the right employer branding strategies to build their employer brand and attract the right talent. In this blog, you will find the best examples of companies who are doing their best to strengthen their employer branding on LinkedIn.

  1. Canva

Canva simplified the complex process of designing professional images with their easy-to-use online designing tool. It offers you thousands of design templates to simplify the task of designing images for you.

Canva’s LinkedIn Page is as engaging and interesting as their careers site. They are making the best use of their LinkedIn page to showcase their company culture and attract the best talent for their jobs. In addition to having a dedicated section to jobs, their LinkedIn page also has a section showcasing life at Canva HQ. This certainly boosts their employer branding efforts by a great deal.

Canva’s LinkedIn page offers a glimpse of their work environment, company culture and what they have in store for their employees. Firstly, they share informative blogs about interview tips, resume writing, personal branding and much more. Secondly, they give the authorship of their blog to their employees and ask them to share their experience working at Canva.

In addition to sharing the news about the company’s achievements and festivity wishes, Canva has adopted a new way of promoting their job openings. They share an amazing video along with their job openings on LinkedIn. These job ads certainly make Canva stand out and boost their employer branding.

  1. Spreetail

Spreetail is a successful eCommerce website delivering a great shopping experience to their customers. They deal with selling products for the styling and redecorating of homes and gardens.

Spreetail’s Career Page gives us visual proof about how much they value their employees. Employee happiness and satisfaction is something that Spreetail does really well. They give prospective job seekers a glimpse of how it is to work for them.

As we all know, LinkedIn is one of the best professional networks to find the top talent for your roles. Spreetail leverages their LinkedIn page to advertise their job openings. They craft their job ads with clear and concise job descriptions speaking about the role and responsibilities in simple language.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot helps businesses simplify their sales and marketing efforts with a host of tools like search engine optimization tools, content management tools, social media marketing tools, and a Sales CRM.

The hiring team leverages the company’s LinkedIn page effectively to promote themselves as an employer of choice. Their employer branding strategies are fresh, creative and innovative. The HubSpot Team speaks about their company culture, the work-life as well as glimpses of their office environment on their LinkedIn page.

Just the way they have shared their culture code on their website, their LinkedIn page also has a short presentation of their company culture. They also showcase some engaging blogs written by the team as well as employee testimonials.

  1. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging and file sharing platform that helps teams collaborate with each other seamlessly. Founded in the year 2009, Slack Technologies designed and developed Slack so that ambitious teams could work together.

Slack is an equal opportunity employer and believes in having a diverse workplace employing talented individuals from various backgrounds and experiences. The Slack Team is making the best use of its LinkedIn page to build their employer brand.

  1. Zappos

Zappos.com is a leading eCommerce company selling apparel and footwear from thousands of brands online. Located in Las Vegas, Zappos has been growing since its inception in 1999. Currently, the Zappos family consists of approximately 1500 Zapponians.

Zappos.com is slaying at their employer branding efforts. Through their company’s LinkedIn page, Zapponians walk us through their brand, their company culture, and their beliefs. The lively office environment, the perks they offer and the amiable team make Zappos an employer of choice.

Zappos LinkedIn page is constantly updated with fresh content that boosts its employer brand by a great deal. In addition to sharing their active job openings, Zappos takes efforts to post pictures of their latest outings and events. Their LinkedIn page also mentions about their company culture in pictorial representations. Zapponians use quirky and funny captions in their posts which reflects their fun work environment and talented team.


  1. Update your Linkedin company page

When is the last time you took a look at the content on your Linkedin company page? Does it reflect your company’s mission or values? Are you proactively promoting the right content? Is it up to date? Answering these questions is the first step to leveraging Linkedin for your employer brand.

Data from Hootsuite shows that complete company pages receive 2X more visitors than those that are incomplete. This means something as simple as reviewing and updating your profile can give a quick boost to your employer brand.

  1. Diversify your content

It’s important to keep a consistent tone to build your employer brand, but remember to diversify your content. On Linkedin, you can post updates, photos, videos and more. Be sure to use a diverse mix of content formats to keep your audience engaged. Linkedin is also a great place to display employee-generated content (EGC). Starbucks prioritizes ECG specifically with the #tobeapartner campaign which highlights their employee experience.

  1. Share company culture content

People on Linkedin want to know about your business. It’s the perfect place to highlight your mission, employees, and culture. Instead of strictly using ads alone to promote your company, you can create content that gives users an inside look at your business. This increases the likelihood of organic engagement.

One company that does this well is Zendesk. When you visit their Linkedin page, you’ll see a great mix of business content and company culture content. The feed includes photos from charity events, meetings, and even holiday parties. They also use a branded hashtag to group these posts and make them easy to find on the platform.

  1. Use sponsored content

Posting sponsored content is another way to boost your presence fast. It allows you to get your message in front of a targeted audience and ensure that you get more eyes on a post. However, you shouldn’t treat sponsored content the same way you treat other types of ads. You can use sponsored content on Linkedin to stand out and help your business reach specific goals.

  1. Create a seamless candidate experience

Linkedin is likely the first place many candidates will go to when they want to learn about your business. Having great content on your page and on Linkedin contributes to building a strong brand.

  1. Encourage employee advocacy

Remember, your employees’ individual Linkedin profiles also contribute to your employer brand. If your employees are active and have a complete profile, it shows that they’re engaged at work. This can make your company more attractive to potential employees and have a positive impact on company culture. All of these can help you build a strong presence on the platform.