Strategy making Modes

05/03/2020 0 By indiafreenotes
  1. Entrepreneurial Mode

In entrepreneurial mode, strategic planning is done by one person. He takes the full responsibility of planning for the production department. That is, he does production planning on behalf of the production department. He has entrepreneurial skills. That is, he is good in planning, organizing, motivating, etc. He is also a strong and bold leader.

  1. Adaptive Mode

In adaptive mode, the production managers go on changing his plans according to the changes in the environment. He first makes a big plan, then he breaks it into smaller plans. This is done to adjust with the dynamic environment. Then he tries to combine all these plans to make a strategic production plan. In this method, the production manager is not at peace. He works in a disorganized environment. Therefore, his planning is also disorganised.

  1. Planning Mode

In planning mode, the production manager makes the plan after analyzing the objectives and resources of the organization. He carefully considers all the factors before making the plan. In this method, his approach is very rational. He gives prime importance to management science. Therefore, his plan is very logical.