Writing off Discount/Loss on Issue of Debentures

9th May 2021 1 By indiafreenotes

The loss or discount on the issue of debentures is typically a capital loss or a fictitious asset and, hence, has to be written-off during the debentures’ lifetime. The amount of loss or discount on issue of debentures has to be not be written-off during the year of its issue since the benefit of the debentures would accumulate to the enterprise till their restitution or redemption.

Discount on issue of debentures is a loss of capital nature. It will appear on the asset side of balance sheet till it is written off. It is desirable that it is written off as quickly as possible. Discount on issue of debentures, being a loss of capital nature, it can be written off in two ways.

First Method:

In this case, the total amount of discount on debenture is spread over the life of debentures equally. Suppose the debentures are issued at discount, to be redeemed after five years. The amount of discount will be divided by five and the amount so arrived at will be charged to profit and loss account for five years. This method is followed where debentures are redeemed at the end of a specified period.

Second Method:

In this method discount is written off every year in proportion to the amount of debentures used every year. This method is followed where debentures are redeemed every year by serving a notice and by draw of lots.

Accounting entry for writing off discount is as under:

Profit and Loss a/c  
  To Discount on debentures a/c