Different comprehension of reality

12/03/2020 1 By indiafreenotes

Reality is always changing. Everyone’s sensory perceptions are limited, and his mental filters are unique. The meanings of words are not in the words; they are reality in different ways and not alike. Lack of comprehension of reality has the following problems.


Abstracting refers to filtering of information received. When we abstract, we actually concentrate on some details and omit others. Abstracting creates distortion, twisting etc. in the message. If trimming in communication is essential it should be done honestly rather than at the cost of spirit of the message. When we advertise a product we only include special features of the product and omit unimportant details. Thus this type of abstracting becomes acceptable and essential. Editing and censorship are also abstracting.


Slanting refers to judging the whole by a part. Just by going through a part of the message we cannot and should not establish an opinion of the whole or it will be erroneous. Slanting is unfair in factual reporting. It will be unwarranted to judge and form an opinion about a person on the ground of his only one activity or habit. Slanting is premature evaluation.


It refers to drawing conclusions on the basis of assumptions. Inferring is common barrier in communication. Drawing conclusions without directly seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling or deciding without gathering facts will be unwarranted and erroneous. But inferences are necessary and desirable in scientific study and research.

Frozen evaluation

It is another drawback to effective communication. It is that stereotyped impression that ignores significant differences or changes. We must be able to perceive the difference or changes.