Role of the Participants in the Meeting

03/01/2021 0 By indiafreenotes

The participants of a meeting other than the chairperson attend the meeting not just complete the quorum. They have also some responsibilities and can make some positive contribution there. The members can play important roles in making the meeting and its proceedings worthwhile. The followings are the important points to the followed by the participants in meeting.

Taking preparation for the meeting: Whoever is the participant of the meeting must take necessary preparation before attending the meeting. In taking preparation the following points should be


  1. Do homework:

Once the purpose of a meet is known, the attendee has to visualize his/her role and gather information and inputs for use in the meet to make it productive. He/she may consult other members to allocate roles.

  1. Be punctual:

We in India have to specially stress the need to be on time. Our trains, buses and airplanes will run on time when we learn to be punctual for routine meets.

  1. Participate actively:

A member should listen carefully (so that he may be able to summaries what is being said). He should plan what to speak and say it concisely and precisely.

  1. PREP formula:

He should be rational and forceful. PREP means:

  • State your Position
  • Reason it out
  • Give Examples
  • Restate your Position
  1. Showcase your talent:

A meet is an opportunity to showcase one’s talent and get credit for giving useful ideas.

  1. Take initiative:

There may be occasions when a member may propose a motion or second a motion when it sounds right. This requires quickness. Francis Bacon says, “Conference makes a ready man.”

  1. Follow rules:

He should speak when permitted to. He should avoid cross-talk.

  1. Take responsibility:

When tasks are being assigned, a member should come forward to take up suitable responsibilities. If a task is assigned to him/her, then a willing acceptance is also a sign of dynamism.

  1. Disagree agreeably:

All differences should be expressed with courtesy and a friendly feeling.

  1. Help to steer the meet:

If the meeting is going off the track, he/she may remind the chairman to keep it on course.

  1. Stay related to previous discussion:

Any contribution to the meeting must be made in the context of the previous discussion. An idea that is already proposed need not be repeated, but one can amend it or improve it.

  1. Be involved:

The member should, in his higher self-interest, be involved in collectivism. A good participant becomes a good leader just as a good soldier makes a good general.