Business Environment Bangalore University BBA 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Business Environment {Book}
Meaning, Definitions and Nature of Business environment VIEW
Elements of Business environment VIEW
Impact of Macro environmental factors on Business Decision making VIEW
Meaning and Need of environmental analysis VIEW
Meaning and features of Competitive structure analysis VIEW
Levels of Competition VIEW VIEW
A Brief discussion of the five Competitive analysis frameworks:
SWOT Analysis VIEW
Porter’s Five forces VIEW
Strategic group analysis VIEW VIEW
Growth Share matrix VIEW VIEW
Perceptual Mapping VIEW


Unit 2 Government and Legal Environment in INDIA {Book}
Role of Central and State Governments in business VIEW
Causes for State intervention in business; Benefits and limitations VIEW
Role of legal environment in business VIEW
Need and objectives of Environmental Protection Act 1986 VIEW VIEW
Need and Objectives Consumer Protection Act 2019 VIEW VIEW
Rights of Consumers under Consumer Protection Act, 2019 VIEW
Need and Objectives of National Competition Policy in India VIEW VIEW
Meaning of Intellectual Property Right VIEW VIEW
Types of Intellectual Properties VIEW


Unit 3 Economic and Political Environment {Book}
Meaning and Significance of Economic environment VIEW
Economic policies of India: VIEW
Meaning and impact of Monetary Policy VIEW VIEW
Meaning and impact of Fiscal Policy VIEW VIEW
Meaning and impact of Exim Policy VIEW VIEW
New Industrial Policy business in India VIEW
Recent economic reforms VIEW
Meaning and Types of Political environment VIEW
Impact of Political environment on business in India VIEW


Unit 4 Technological Environment and Natural Environment {Book}
Meaning and Significance of Technological environment VIEW
Impact of Technological Environment on business VIEW
Impact of Changes in Technology on business VIEW
Technology and Society VIEW
Modes of Acquiring Technology VIEW
IT revolution and its impact on Business VIEW
Digital Transformation in Indian Business VIEW
Meaning and Principles of Technology Transfer VIEW
Meaning and Nature of the Physical Environment VIEW
Impact of the Natural environment on Business VIEW


Unit 5 Global Environment [Book]
Meaning and Dimensions of the Global environment VIEW VIEW
Stages of globalization VIEW
Essential conditions of globalization VIEW
Foreign market entry strategies VIEW
Merits and Demerits of Globalization of business VIEW
Impact of globalization on Indian businesses VIEW
Different forms of globalization of businesses VIEW