Retail Management Bangalore University BBA 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Overview of Retail Business {Book}
Retail Business Introduction, Meaning, Definition, Scope VIEW
Retail Evolution VIEW
Retailer Meaning Characteristics and Functions VIEW
Forms of Retail Business Ownership VIEW
Influencing factors of Retail Business in India VIEW
Principles of Retailing VIEW
Retail Theories VIEW
Ethical issues in Retailing VIEW
Retail Scenario in India VIEW VIEW
FDI in Indian organized retail Sector VIEW


Unit 2 Retail Organization and Functional Management {Book}
Business Models in Retailing VIEW
Classification of Retailing Formats VIEW
Operational Stages in Retailing VIEW VIEW VIEW
Factors influencing Location of stores VIEW
Stores Designing VIEW
Space planning VIEW
Inventory Management VIEW
Merchandising Management VIEW VIEW
Selection and optimization of Workforce+ VIEW
Retail Accounting VIEW
Retail Cash Management VIEW


Unit 3 Retail Marketing Mix and Strategies {Book}
Retail Product VIEW VIEW
Product Assortment and Display VIEW
New Product Launch VIEW
Product Life cycle in Retailing VIEW
Retail Pricing strategies VIEW
Retail Distribution: In store and online store VIEW VIEW
Factors influencing Location of stores VIEW
Retail Promotion Programme VIEW VIEW VIEW
Promotional Budget VIEW VIEW VIEW
Understanding Customer VIEW
Consumer shopping Behaviour VIEW VIEW
Customer Service VIEW VIEW
Customer Satisfaction VIEW
Customer Relationship Management VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 Recent Trends and Career opportunities {Book}
E-Tailing, Critical Analysis of E-tailing Strategies VIEW
Omni Channel Marketing VIEW
Shopping Campaigns VIEW VIEW
Social Media Promotions VIEW
Email Campaign VIEW VIEW
Guerrilla Marketing VIEW
Retail Information system VIEW
Database Management VIEW
Career opportunities and Top Recruiters VIEW