Investments in Stock Market Bangalore University 3rd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Investment [Book]
Meaning, Objectives of Investment VIEW VIEW
Difference between Savings and Investment VIEW
Golden principles of investment VIEW
The investment environment VIEW
The investor life cycle VIEW VIEW
Investment avenues in India VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Risk & Returns on Investment [Book]
Risk and return trade-off VIEW
Measuring returns: ROI, Absolute returns, Annualized return VIEW
Extended Internal Rate of Return (XIRR) VIEW
Types of risks in investments VIEW VIEW
Systematic and Unsystematic Risk VIEW VIEW
Measuring Risk: Standard deviation and Beta VIEW
Managing risks in investments VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Investment Analysis [Book]
Investment Analysis VIEW
Features of fundamental analysis, Top-down vs. Bottom-up fundamental analysis VIEW
Components of economic analysis VIEW
Economic Analysis: International & Domestic economic scenario VIEW
Economic forecasting techniques VIEW VIEW
Characteristics of an industry analysis VIEW
Key components of an industry VIEW
Porter’s Five Forces of Competition framework VIEW
Company analysis: Financial and Non-financial parameters VIEW
Technical Analysis: Concept, Assumptions and Approaches VIEW
Difference between fundamental and Technical analysis VIEW
Chart patterns and analysis VIEW VIEW
Moving averages VIEW
Trend analysis VIEW VIEW
Efficient market hypothesis VIEW


Unit 4 Investing in Stock Market [Book]
Stock exchange, Features VIEW
History of Stock exchanges in India VIEW
Role of stock exchanges VIEW
Players in stock markets VIEW VIEW
Ways of investing in Stock market VIEW
DEMAT account VIEW
Trading account VIEW
Trading Process in stock exchanges VIEW