Financial Control Osmania University 6th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 External Financial Reporting Decisions (Aa per US GAAP & IFRS): {Book}

Financial Statements VIEW VIEW
Balance sheet VIEW VIEW
Income statement VIEW
Statement of Comprehensive Income VIEW
Statement of changes in equity VIEW
Statement of cash flows VIEW VIEW
Integrated reporting VIEW
Unit 2 Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, and Disclosure (As per us GAAP & IFRS) {Book}
Assets, Liabilities & Equity: Asset Valuation VIEW VIEW
Valuation of Liabilities VIEW
Equity transactions VIEW
Income: Revenue recognition VIEW VIEW
Income measurement VIEW
Major differences between US GAAP and IFRS VIEW
Unit 3 Cost Management {Book}
Measurement concepts:
Cost behavior and Cost objects VIEW
Actual and Normal costs VIEW
Standard costs VIEW VIEW
Absorption (full) costing VIEW
Variable (direct) costing VIEW VIEW
Costing Systems: Joint and by-product costing VIEW
Job order costing VIEW
Process costing VIEW
Activity-based costing VIEW
Life-cycle costing VIEW
Overhead costs: Fixed and variable overhead expenses VIEW
Plant-wide versus departmental overhead VIEW
Determination of allocation base VIEW
Allocation of Service department costs VIEW
Unit 4 Supply Chain Management and Business Process Improvement {Book}
Supply Chain Management: VIEW VIEW
Lean Resource Management techniques or JIT VIEW
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) VIEW VIEW
Theory of constraints VIEW
Capacity management and analysis VIEW
Business Process Improvement: VIEW VIEW
Value chain analysis VIEW VIEW
Value-added concepts VIEW
Process analysis and VIEW
Redesign VIEW
Standardization VIEW
Activity-based management VIEW
Continuous improvement concepts VIEW
Best practice analysis VIEW
Cost of quality analysis VIEW
Efficient accounting processes VIEW
Unit 5 Internal Controls {Book}
Governance, Risk & Compliance VIEW
Internal control structure and management philosophy VIEW VIEW
Internal control policies for safeguarding and assurance VIEW
Internal control risk VIEW
Corporate governance VIEW VIEW VIEW
External audit requirements VIEW
System Controls & Security Measures:
General accounting system controls VIEW
Application and Transaction controls VIEW
Network controls VIEW
Backup controls VIEW
Business continuity planning VIEW