Financial Management Osmania University 5th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction {Book}
Financial Management Meaning, Objectives VIEW
Financial Management Nature, Importance VIEW
Financial Management Scope VIEW
Profit Maximization vs Wealth Maximization VIEW
Traditional Functions of Finance Manager VIEW
Changing Role of Finance Manager VIEW
Relationship between Financial Management and Other Management Areas VIEW


Unit 2 Financial Planning {Book}
Financial Planning, Sources of Finance VIEW
Financial Planning Meaning, Definition, Objectives VIEW
Financial Planning Characteristics VIEW
Financial Planning Process VIEW
Financial Planning Factors, Limitations VIEW


Unit 3 Capitalization {Book}
Meaning of Capital and Capitalization Sources of Capital – Theories of Capitalization VIEW
Over Capitalization Meaning, Causes, Consequences, Remedies VIEW
Under Capitalization Meaning, Causes, Consequences, Remedies VIEW
Comparison of Under and Over Capitalization VIEW
Watered Stock VIEW


Unit 4 Cost of Capital {Book}
Cost of Capital Meaning, Definition and Significance VIEW
Classification of Costs VIEW
Problems in Determination of Cost of Capital VIEW
Cost of Debt VIEW
Cost of Perpetual and Redeemable Debt VIEW
Cost of Preference Capital VIEW
Cost of Equity Capital VIEW
Cost of retained earnings VIEW
Weighted Average Cost of Capital VIEW


Unit 5 Capital Structure {Book}
Capital Structure Meaning, Types, Importance VIEW
Capital Structure Factors VIEW
Optimal Capital Structure VIEW
Theories of Capital Structure: Net Income Approach, Net Operating Income Approach, Traditional Approach, Modigliani and Miller Approach VIEW