Financial Management Bangalore University B.Com 5th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction Financial Management {Book}  
Meaning of Finance VIEW
Business Finance VIEW
Finance Function, Objectives of Finance Function VIEW
Organization of Finance function VIEW
Financial Management VIEW
Goals of Financial Management VIEW
Scope of Financial Management VIEW
Functions of Financial Management VIEW
Financial Decisions VIEW
Role of a Financial Manager VIEW
Financial Planning VIEW
Steps in Financial Planning VIEW
Principles of Sound/Good Financial Planning VIEW
Factors influencing a sound financial plan VIEW
Financial analyst, Role of Financial analyst VIEW


Unit 2 Time Value of Money {Book}  
Introduction, Meaning of Time Value of Money VIEW
Time Preference of Money VIEW
Techniques of Time Value of Money VIEW
Compounding Technique-Future value of Single flow, Multiple flow and Annuity VIEW
Discounting Technique-Present value of Single flow, Multiple flow and Annuity VIEW
Doubling Period- Rule 69 and 72 VIEW


Unit 3 Financing Decision {Book}  
Capital Structure Meaning, Introduction VIEW
Factors determining Capital Structure VIEW
Optimum Capital Structure VIEW
Computation & Analysis of EBIT, EBT, EPS VIEW
Leverages VIEW
Types of Leverages:  
Operating Leverage VIEW
Financial Leverage VIEW
Combined Leverages VIEW


Unit 4 Investment & Dividend Decision {Book}  
Investment Decision, Introduction, Meaning VIEW
Capital Budgeting Features, Significance, Process VIEW
Steps in Capital Budgeting Process VIEW
Capital Budgeting Techniques: VIEW
Payback Period VIEW
Accounting Rate of Return VIEW
Net Present Value VIEW
Internal Rate of Return VIEW
Profitability index VIEW


Unit 5 Working Capital Management {Book}  
Introduction, Meaning and Definition, Types of working capital VIEW
Operating cycle VIEW
Determinants of Working Capital VIEW
Estimation of Working capital requirements VIEW
Sources of Working Capital VIEW
Cash Management VIEW
Receivable Management VIEW
Inventory Management VIEW
Inventory Management Functions and Importance VIEW
*Significance of Adequate Working Capital VIEW
*Evils of Excess or Inadequate Working Capital VIEW