Farm Accounting, Recording of transactions, problems

01/09/2022 0 By indiafreenotes

Farm final accounts can be prepared according to any of the following two methods:

  1. Single Entry Method.
  2. Double Entry Method.

Single Entry Method:

This method does not require maintenance of an elaborate system of accounting to ascertain the profit or loss and financial position of the business. The method requires the preparation of two statements of affairs one at the beginning of the accounting period and the other at the end of the accounting period.

The excess of assets over liabilities is the net-worth of the business. The profit or loss made by the business during a period can be ascertained by comparing the net-worth of the business on two dates, after making suitable adjustments for drawings, introduction of additional capital etc. (For more details, refer Single Entry System of Accounting).

Double Entry Method:

Accounting information contained in the accounting records may be presented in the form of an account for each type of product, for example, Wheat Account, Rice Account etc. Each Account is to be debited with opening stock, and the relevant expenses incurred, and the relevant expenses in­curred, and credited with the sale proceeds and the closing stock.

The difference between the two sides of each account shows profit or loss. The profit or loss of each such account is transferred to General Profit and Loss Account, to which common expenses of all the activities of the farm are charged so as to arrive at net profit or loss, to be transferred to Capital Account. Finally, Balance Sheet is prepared.