Role of Companies in Community Development

28/08/2022 1 By indiafreenotes

The relationship of business with a community is a social transaction which required that both parties be open, honest, and fair with the other in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Business responsibilities in a community extend in a wide variety of directions from civil rights to support of the community to support of community cultural activities. It is an essential function of any successful business, refers to the various methods companies use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate.

Business acknowledges the role in the development of the communities within which it operates in order to sustain the business.

At many businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities have been designed to put a smile on the faces of every individual it serves. Company contributes to developing the local communities in and around the areas where it does business.

For Corporate, community development means building an inclusive society by helping improve the wellbeing of the community and enabling them to prosper. Corporate takes pride in being a business with a heart and soul.

There are many ways in which business involves in community development. Those are stated below.

  • Assistance for handicapped and other disadvantaged persons.
  • Support for air and water pollution control.
  • Servicing responsibility for product sold to the local consumer.
  • Support of artistic and cultural activities
  • Employment and advancement for minorities and women.
  • Assistance in urban planning and development.
  • Support of local health care program.
  • Donation of equipment to local school.
  • Support of local bond issues for public improvements.
  • Aid to community hospital drive.
  • Executive aid for the local united fund.
  • Support to can serve scarce resources and prevent pollution.