Cyber Agents and Workforce Management

21st November 2020 1 By indiafreenotes

A remote call center agent stationed at home or at a satellite center, who connects to the “real” call center using a PC and softphone. The key characteristic of a cyberagent is that the person’s statistics, performance and real-time status be completely transparent to the supervisors at the main center. The fact that they are stationed remotely should be completely irrelevant from the supervisory point of view, which includes the ability to monitor and record calls and screen activity.

Contact center workforce performance programs help achieve significant improvements in service quality and operational efficiency. In addition to ensuring that the right number of agents are performing at the right time, an effective call center workforce management solution will balance three often conflicting demands, service delivery optimization, lowering operating costs and reducing turnover of agents. Call center workforce management solutions also help to improve customer experience management and significantly improve customer support.Basic functions include the forecasting of contact arrival patterns using historical and other information, creating scheduling assignments based on those forecasts, and providing reports on forecasting and scheduling accuracy. Many systems also offer an expanded range of features such as: skill-based and multimedia contact scheduling, intraday reports, agent self-service capabilities, performance tools, schedule adherence monitoring and time-off administration.

Workforce optimization software can help companies of all sizes improve best practices and achieve significant improvements in service quality and operational efficiency. These solutions also aim to improve service delivery, lower operating costs and increase overall agent retention.

Fundamental necessity of effectively managing your service workforce includes the forecasting of contact patterns using historical data. Many systems also offer an expanded range of features including skill-based and multimedia scheduling, intra-day reporting, agent self-service capabilities, schedule monitoring and time-off administration.

Workforce Management Features:

  • Improve workforce efficiency: Reduce labor waste, maximize agent scheduling efficiency, match scheduling with skills and requirements, and improve forecast accuracy while maintaining or improving service level objectives.
  • Empower your agents: Improve the agent experience by giving your agents a voice in their work schedule. Enable agents to manage preferred hours, include temporary adjustments, offer scheduling and vacation bidding and auto-approve requests.
  • Gain confidence in your forecast: Understand the historical accuracy of your forecasts and gain confidence to take action on intra-day adjustments and future schedules. Improve accuracy with automatic tracking aids, receive email notifications & alerts, adapt quickly to unexpected changes.
  • Simplify long term planning: Ensure adequate staff is available when needed and proactively plan for any conceivable volume-impacting events. Accommodate unlimited events, leverage “what if” scenario planning, precisely align future staffing needs.